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Thoughts about improving efficiency of 360 zigzag (or whatever it is called).


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Well, it's been quiet in here for a few months, so time to post.

My current practice topic for indoor is a 360 zigzag (not sure if there's a better name for it). You can see some progression from earlier indoor sessions on YouTube, but here's the current one:

I know the swoopy-ness at the bottom is an issue, and I'm not sure what to do about it yet. I think more experiments about how and when to apply power will improve it. 

Even though I try keep it pulled back, I find that sometimes I slip back into letting the bottom hand go out a little instead of tucked in tight. I've found letting the bottom hand out helps with depowering, pulling it back re-powers, so maybe there's something there for efficiency even though it doesn't keep the kite upright.

Unlike slower more floaty actions, these zig-zags make my arms tire out quickly. I'm not sure if that's just the nature of the motion since people only do a round or two, or if there are some efficiencies I'm just missing.

Hopefully a few more morning sessions will make it easier. Simply getting out there and doing it is a good way to build the muscles, and reviewing it on video helps me get a better view. Even so, if you recognize something else or have some suggestions, please let me know so I don't spend my time reinventing it.

Thanks for your constructive feedback.

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Thanks! You can get there too if you'd like. I've posted lots of video clips and tons of questions across several years. Not being near the kite groups means more effort to work with people, but I've found the community is very supportive with feedback overall.

I've got some old recordings from 2016 struggling outdoor to consistently reverse without flipping, and working through the various basic team fly maneuvers. I joined this site back in 2017, and some of my earlier posts have video links. Five years later and I'm doing demos and traveling to kite festivals where I'm excited to be inside the ring.

This one is a blast from the past for me, almost exactly four years ago:

Now I'm here looking at fancy indoor flying techniques.

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Another day another practice.  Feeling my way through what I feel like I want to see, I think I've got something that gives a little sharper corners on the bottom. This may be even less efficient, plus it kills forward momentum, but I think it looks nicer. (Toward the end of the clip I'm getting the corners more consistently.)

I'm still not happy with it, but at least it's got corners now.

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Another day, another practice. 

Trying to add a stall at the top as well makes it look less like it's bobbing out of water, but makes it even that much more tiring. Stalls at the top and the bottom need a tug on each for the power/depower/power/depower cycle.

Turning clockwise is slightly harder than turning counterclockwise. Also I noticed I was powering with alternating arms, more power on the bottom when climbing, more power on the top when powering downward.

It may be just because I'm focusing the practice on this high-energy move, but I'm only able to go around 20 minutes rather than the 45+ I could maintain before. That might be why I only see people doing one or two rounds of them rather than practice. Or it might just be the nature of practice is difficult.  Oh well.

Thoughts from the crowd? What areas do you see for improvement?

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