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As some of you know, I've started making Sudoku puzzles recently.. Well one of the things I've been playing with is variant rule sets and recently I had an idea and approached another puzzle maker (called tallcat) and created a whole new kind of Sudoku.

Presenting Lockout Lines..
A puzzle featuring our creation was recently showcased on the most popular Sudoku channel in the world called Cracking the Cryptic

If you'd like to try one of my puzzles with the variant, you can find one of my personal favorites here.


You'll notice the Diamonds are the feature for this creation. (I seem to just like diamonds don't I?) 
**Note** The reason they didn't appear in the video is because their streaming software hasn't been updated yet to accept the new graphics.


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I was surprised at the CTC solve of that puzzle. He would directly state where something went, then proceeded to not mark it. Then he would mark something and fail to clear all the old related marks.  I suspect he had a little too much "Christmas Cheer" before recording the video. Great puzzle.

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