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Dual Line Framed Trick kite Recommendations?


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I've been flying an inexpensive Framed Dual Line and want to step up to something that can Grow with me. I want to work on the next level ie. Axels, Fades, yo-yos and so on. The kite I have is a bit heavy on the line, it doesn't like to float. I have pretty consistent low wind at my field of choice but on weekends I can get out to the beach for better winds but most of the time Im at a low wind field.

I am looking for a kite (currently in production) that would be a good place to start. I almost never see winds above 15mph, more like 0-3 gusts to 7 maybe most days.

Thanks in advance.


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Same reply I gave you on Reddit. 😀

It really is a hard thing to recommend as there are many wind conditions plus your own skills and style. 

If possible make the drive to try other people's kites. You can quickly find out how you like soft vs firm, forgiving vs precise, noisy vs quiet, and other differences. 

Otherwise there's a bunch of options, all good but up to personal taste. Like clothes you ultimately want a variety for all conditions and for a range of moods. 

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I’m East coast US. 

I guess I’d really be looking for a kite that is readily accessible to me and has parts that wouldn’t be too hard to source here. I’m sure I’m going to break things and would be much happier knowing I’ve got something that isn’t too exotic to my location and accessibility to parts. 

The silver fox looks good but I don’t know about parts. I have some Rev kites and they don’t have much too them. I’ve got replacement spars and what not but the deltas seem quite a bit more complicated when it comes to parts count. 

it looks like Level One is in the US is that correct? Maybe I should keep them on the radar as well. 

Thanks for all the replies.


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I didn’t even know there was a forum for kites on Reddit . (Although guess it shouldn’t surprise me!). Checked it out. 

I find I rather like lower wind flying. As such, I am familiar with the Silver Fox 2.2 UL, and it is a splendid kite, with some tweaks over its predecessor. Mine uses Dynamic spars, which are available, but perhaps not as widely as other rods. I like your idea of sourcing a spare rod or two ‘in case’ at the same time, and sometimes do so myself for the reasons you advert to. 

On the Badass: yes, the US has a presence for the kites, which I believe are made in Germany but possibly framed In the US for distribution on this side of the pond. The Badass frames are pretty much standard gauge pultruded carbon, single length rather than ferruled, as frob has indicated. That is not a problem for most flyers I expect, unless there are special needs for transportation capacity as has been stated. (Generally, I have not fully broken down a kite to the 1/2 size leading edge mode much, except for shipping. Tend to keep all mine with leading edges assembled.)

I have a Badass UL -- love it, too. I ordered it with an extra LE and LS, as I wasn’t sure I could get the extra length jobbies here in Canada. I do believe that there are a number of US suppliers of rods of the longer length needed, including Kites and Fun Things, and I believe Goodwinds and possibly others.

At any rate, have fun in your search for a kite. Agree with the idea of trying some if you can, although for me it seems that local flyers are somewhat sparse. I managed anyways, enjoying the journey by winging it with forums, youtube and corresponding with others.





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