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seeking kite manufacturer

roman locomotion

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Hey Roman,

I don't know about a kite manufacturer, but there is a fantastic collective of kite designers/builders to be found on the forum at www.kitebuilder.com.

I guess it really depends on if you are looking at having a kite manufactured or if you are wanting prototypes built... :)

They are very willing to help you learn to build the kites yourself, or you might be able to find someone there who would build for you. You might check it out at least


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I am looking for a kite manufacturer than can make a kite I have designed.

any suggestions?

price sensitive

thanks in advance


Try Heads Up Kites, the team of Pam Kirk and Mike Dennis have been producing sails for various top designers for years with outstanding craftsmanship that is second to none. Just check out Jon Trennopohls Skyburner line, the Delta Drive is an awesome kite to behold for its design and workmanship while the more then reasonably priced new Freestylist gives nothing away in the workmanship department just using a simpler to execute design. If your design accomodates it Heads Up uses "Flat Fell Seams" (not taped) which are much stronger, cleaner and harder to make, covered leading edge connectors, reinforced trailing edges and all the latest buzzwords. It seems that once your pattern is in inventory they will produce sails as demand warrants since many of the Skyburner models are produced when ordered. I believe you complete the framing not Heads Up but that should be no problem. And to top all that off they are based and produced in the USA, San Deigo. AND they are kiteflyers as well, Pam Kirk was a member of Team Top of the Line alongside Don Tabor the father of sportkites, the legendary flyer and innovator Ron Reich, and no less accomplished Eric Streed who were the World Champions many many years during the developement of the sport.

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