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icarex fabric orientation(warp/weft)


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Planning a lightweight (lightwind) revolution-style build I am trying to determine "optimal" fabric orientation. I see two possible extremes, either lining up warp or weft with leading edge or with the sails "90" degree lower corner. 

I am thinking the former would be more prone to streching(and bellying) in the belly-area and also in the sailarea "outside" the vertical spars. And a opposite effect with the latter.

what to do? (and why?)

Warp vs weft is also interesting but I dont know how much of an impact this would have, if any. If little to no effect I would like to cut fabric so that I use as little fabric as possible. 138cmX200cm is the pieces I got to work with.

Any inputs?

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Wich of the strips?😉 I do understand that all the strips on this kind of technique builds you line up the fabric in  the individual strips in the direction of least stretch lenghtwise. Although they vary in placement/orientation in the finished sail. 

I am going to try to make a simple "full sail" (two pieces of icarex, plus mesh LE and so on..) and I am thinking that lining up the gridpattern (least stretch) with the lower outline would be best. 

At the same time I would think that there would be possibility for lots of variations in sail performance  by merely playing around with fabric orientation(strech). Not to say I am cabable of understanding this yet. 

I must say your many creations are impressive riffclown.



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Thank you. I would suggest aligning the reinforced threads along the lower corner as stated. The leading edge itself will control the stretch along that direction.

FWIW, with extremely low wind designs, stretch should be by definition less of an issue.

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Thank you for your input. 

Today I almost got grounded due to too much wind (25+mph) flying my freilein WR 3 vtd. So now i need to think about the other end of the spectrum as well. Your mesh designs are looking better and better;)

Bought a trio of freilein WR 3s today (UL,STD,and the HVTD) complete sets with handles and lines for 150dollars per set, before tax(25percent) and shipping. should be like 70 percent off.. (end of season sale) Looking for parts but ended up with the complete builds..

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