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First practice attempt.


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Since the fabric from the traction kite was stretched from the beginning I noticed that the camber of that sail was pretty heavy and also the leech was "hook-shaped". I went ahead and  taped up two vertical folds on each sail halves. This made the kite behave better, but still not good enough imo. Frame while testing was Chrystal T2(freilein) and the kite had lift but also behaved jerky(like before), sail filling and kite taking off forwards. Needed a lot of brake.

Some of this would possible be frame related(too much flex) but I think it might also be related to the smallish amount of leading edge venting.

So tonight I have increased the leading edge venting by adding(70-80pst) holes between the holes in my leading edge "screen". I hope this would improve both the kite acting jerky and at the same time make it less prone to flipping while reversing / heavy braking. 

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I'm curious if this works, but it's worth a try. I must honestly say that I find a slack frame like the race frame to fly better than a stiff frame. I have no experience with Freilein, so I can't comment on that. Anyway good luck. 👍

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Tested the kite in too much wind today. 5-6m/s gusting to 9-10m/s (ca10-gusting to20mph) behaved very well in the lulls at guestimated 7-8mph. Felt much more stable but overpowered on 30ft lines. This time I also used stiffer LE (6 sections of skyshark p2x(camo) even though I think I could have been on p4x in the gusts :)

I think I would test some more but I feel I am on the right track with correcting LE venting and correction of the ballooning sail. 




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