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what lines for an Hypnotist + what UL for a noob


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hello i am new here and it has been really a long time since the last time i wrote on a forum, i'm sorry if this topic has already been talked about but i was not able to find an answer.

i need to replace my hypnotist's lines and i have no clue how to make that choice since i'm the noobest noob (so don't expect me to understand all the acronyms and abbreviations and the imperial system!). Do you have some EU online shop to recommend? (not UK since is getting too expensive)

Also I'm taking a look around to get an UL since i'm getting frustrated when i cannot fly because of not enough wind, the Badass was looking nice but i hate the long rod is not foldable, i like the aestetic of white and clear kites like supernova or superfly or hugo but of course i do not really know what i'm talking about.  Btw is there an EU online shop where i find some Benson's?

thanks for the help!

PS moderators feel free to delete/modify this topic if necessary

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I can speak on half of that...

Line lengths are a personal feeling and flying conditions, you could choose basically anything from 2 meters (a length used for indoor flying typically) to 40 meters. Some common lengths are 15 meters, 20 meters, 25 meters, etc. In lighter wind shorter lines are more common. You won't be doing much team flying on a Hypnotist, but if you do team stuff 25 m is fairly common and 40 m slightly less common for team dual line flying, but ultimately it is whatever lengths people have between them.  Whatever kite store you go to can cut them to length, or you can buy spools of bulk line and cut them yourself.

As for were to find a mostly white Benson kite in or near France, that's going to take someone from a different part of the globe than me. 

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There are several brands of Spectra / Dyneema kite line out there. While there are some differences between the brands like Laser Pro Gold, Shanti Warp Speed, Shanti Skybond, Level One Matrix, all of these kite lines are good. You can find them wherever you get your kites. If the store is selling your Benson, they will also know what line to use. 

Avoid line material like nylon, polyester, cotton, dacron, or Kevlar. Also avoid fishing line. While they can work for single line kites, they are problematic for sport kites. 

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I would suggest these. (As standard I believe Prism Hypnotist comes with 26m x 68kg.)



I use these very good lines at 70kg (or 50 kg in light wind) but they are not currently in stock.



Benson kites are only currently made to order, there is no other online stockist of his current kites, but he does send them all around the world.

Send a email to Tim (info@bensonkites.com) and he will give you all the information you want.

Regards David


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