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TOTL Hawaiian Flight Squadron kites

Aussie Dazza

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Oooooyeah...let’s hear it for old skool kites!!!!

I have a One of Jerry’s 3/4 Peregrines, and a well flown JS Neptune. There is a single line JS Neptune and Butterfighter around here somewhere... I used to have a JS Jaws and a matching pair of JS Neptune’s as well. There also is a single line Parrot that flew like....well it didn’t...but was pretty bashed up when I got it....so it’s hanging on a wall. I sold the Jaws as well as the matching pair. I was flying one Neptune in each hand but got tired of my arms being pulled from their sockets which was not good for my job as a drummist...lol. I wanted to fly the Neptune and Jaws at the same time but they weren’t a matching pair and flew way different than each other.

The Neptunes, Kestrals, Jaws, and Hummingbirds were, and still are fantastic kites....as long as they are the real deal Sky Delight ones...not the “licensed” ones.....;) I’ve missed out on a couple of JS Luna Moths as well but that’s ok......

I fell in lust with these kites (and Pro Dancers) when I lived in Vancouver many many moons ago as Ray Bethell was my (and many more folks) mentor!!! There is a fellow locally who has an old Hawaiian but he rarely flies. I tried it out once but was too windy....for me...to enjoy it.



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