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Collapsible Circular Kite


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Hello everyone! First time kite maker here, hoping to get some insight from the community.

My goal is to make a kite utilizing a collapsible circular frame to make it pocket-able. So far, my experiments have consisted of adding a nylon layer on the top to mimic a parafoil kite, adding bridles, and cutting out different areas to see how the flight changes.

It seems to play well in the air, but does lift very much. 

Any ideas on how to get a kite like this to fly? Or does the frame prevent it from being successful?

All ideas welcome, thank you!


The red one is a tester, the green is the base frame






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Without a spreader, it looks like it may flex in the middle and lose lift. I have a Banshee Kites Scimitar dual line kite that I chose specifically because there were no spreaders (I was looking at the characteristics one would want in a show kite to be flown behind a boat). Its max wingspan is set by a "bowstring" that attaches to each wingtip. Increased sail pressure causes the leading edge to bow inward dumping wind while flying faster. It  made use of battens to manage airflow across the sail and a curved spine to create a constant pocket at the nose for lift. 

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