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Available:Large stock of Kite Making Supplies

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Large stock of Kite Making Supplies

I made kites commercially back in the 90's.  I have kept a large stock of supplies thinking I would get back to making them, but I am not as physically able as I once was (I am okay, but you won't see my climbing up Jockey's Ridge to test out new designs!).

This is offered as an all or nothing "you pickup" lot for $400 (it is dirt cheap and intended for the person that is an up and coming maker and would love to stumble on everything needed).

Included are yards and yards and yards of fabric, mostly Bainbradge. 

Rods from Left to right: Larger glasspar rods (Ferrules for larger projects or cross spreaders for larger kites, I used them as cross pieces for large Rokakus), long custom extruded carbon rods 8' long (again, I used these for large single line kites), large selection of glasspar smaller rods (I used these for ferrule making), large collection of Avia sport micro carbon extrusions (used for micro light kites and for stand-offs) large stack of Avia Sport extruded in 1800/2200 and some other sizes, small selection of GForce rods.

Fittings: Large collection of APA fittings, end caps and rod ends.

Misc:  Bag material, leading edge material in dacron and ripstop (webbing shown in initial image is not included). Top right of first image (can't post more).

Plus not shown is a pile of misc items. 

So, sold as a lot, you pickup in Rocky Mount Virginia.  I don't plan on counting each fitting, but you are welcome to come look and I may give you a beer and share stories!

You can email me at james@kites.org (going to sell the domain as well eventually).

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Terrific possibility for someone who wants to set up an instant kite making studio (or supplement their own).

Not a sewer myself, but certainly have heard of Bainbridge as a sail fabric maker/supplier. I assume ripstop nylon? Any idea of approximate yardage of cloth? May help someone assess. 

As a side note, pultruded .2200 is in short supply in my experience so nice to see reference to those in there. Amongst all those other goodies.



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It is all ripstop.  I have a lot of black and red (I worked mostly in black/red/white).  I would hate to guess as to total yardage, over 100, but ???  It has been so so long since I had it on rolls to work with.  Most of the shorter carbon is 1800/2200 with the Avia silk screen.  Oddly the most expensive thing are the longer, larger carbon rods for large format single lines.  I remember working with Kurt to get them, heck most of the APA fitting bags have his writing on them.  Miss him and his imagination.

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On 12/8/2021 at 10:59 AM, BlueRidgeKites said:

apparently not many makers near me. 

Yup, that's the only thing that stopped me when I saw the post initially. That's a lot of beautiful supplies. 

Shipping would probably cost about the same for me as making the 1300+ mile trek, and back again.

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