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Good (Foil) Lifter for Beginner/Intermediate

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Having enjoyed putting some small laundry on a couple of deltas (and a parafoil 7.5 I have), I'm feeling ready to up my game to a larger lifter, with the option for adding larger (and/or more) laundry to put on a bigger show.  I 

I've been keeping an eye out for Into The Wind Ultrafoil 30 (that one seemed to fit the bill for what I was looking for - if perhaps at the top end of my budget) but over the past year, cannot find it anywhere.    I can't even seem to find a comparable one to that particular kite. 

Questions for this forum:  (a) Recommendations for a good "intermediate" lifter in a similar (or lower) price range as the Ultrafoil 30?  (b) side-bar, but curious, is supply really limited for this particular set-up right now, or am I just not looking in the right places?  :)

Thank you!

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Unless you have your mind set on a Foil type of a lifter, I would consider looking at a Premier Powersled 36. They are easy to handle and can lift medium sized laundry without issues. I have not had a problem lifting two 33ft spinsocks with one in 10-12mph winds.

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