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New to forum first post.  Have been making fighters for many years. Hundreds  Experimented with every conceivable design and size.  Only make a few now but mainly miniature hata or buka. Hata usually 7x10.  Buka 7x11.  Can't really bet the simplest designs.  All made of bamboo and metalized polypropylene ie. Foil wrapping sheets.  Keep a few on hand always give away rest.  Started making 2 line stunt kites. One high aspect light wind trickster 8.4 too heavy. Second precision very curved L E.  8.2 oz. CXL 150 both kites.  Both are extra taut 3 standoffs on one.  Don't want any baggyness in one I m making so will add s.o. after built as needed and putting battens near tip and micrcarbon from trailing edge pocket to top cross or tie into leading edge as needed.  Post when done.  Micheal

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