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Beginner insight into tricking

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Hi Michael here figured out that most easy tricks are axel related and if you are good at that things start to make sense.  The hard part for me is knowing when to adjust tension after slack in line. Only way to really figure it out I'd to make all the mistakes. We were joking that if it doesn't crash it is some kind of trick probably a new on you could never replicate. That's how I see it any way Michael

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A stall would precede mostly anything.....not just any stall but a good pasted to the sky stall.

Still though, after decades being more of an old skool flier, the first “trick” I learned was and still is the best......how to crash very gently...;)


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Hi Mebeatee. Just thought about how I see things  I agree about stalls and crashing. I am new to tricks Only fly micron stormy Pete and baby tana ( my fav.) Been taped together and feurrelled often so these don't really trick. The 2 line 8 footers were flown by a very good pilot yesterday and way exceeded both our expectations.  His twerking bridle guessed that Crashed crazy hard and can't believe didn't break. Only p200 rods and 150s. Stalls still elude me l can axel ok?  Decided to do a quad UL after giving finish sail away on Another.  Making something like a Fulcrum with 4 stand offs and parabolic sail geometry Don't know what l am doing but it's fun and rewarding when they fly good.  Thanks for post. Probably won't comment on that subject again just mixing it up fly on and hopefully up. Michael

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