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Fighter interest?

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Fighter kite flying enables closer interaction with others.  Most flying is of course pretty solitary.  Wished more people would engage.  A kite can be made and ready to have a blast with in 30 minutes.  Most material on hand already.  many fly pretty good for homemade kites.  Give it a try it Will put a grin on your face Fight On Michael

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I'm not sure why you have the burst of rapid posts, or what you're trying to get from them.

I only see one question across multiple posts, basically: are people interested?  I think the answer there is that yes, some people are interested in fighter kites, but it isn't the main focus of the people who participate on this board.  Most people on this board discuss sport kites, although many of us have experience in a broad range of kites including fighter kites.

I've tried them, but I don't particularly care for fighters. I understand they're most popular in regions across Asia. 

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Don't fit in so baled out last post Guess will make most happy. No offense given or taken. don't take anything seriously any more and don't really care about any protocal. Had a good time and really liked the site and participants.. Thank John B for enlightening the kite community. bye all and by all means have fun Michael

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