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Two coloured kite


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I'm working on a series of kite flying vids and sounds/music's, and was pretty well ready to do some online testing....however when perusing vid material I remembered a kite I had many moons ago.....a blue and yellow Rev 1.

With a situation at hand I quickly changed course and put this together as the test.....aleatorically...as that's the way I work sonic wise....and now video wise as well...lol.

btw I still have a few Rev1's about.....my fav quads!!



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Very peaceful flight, mebeatee.  Delightful.

Great setting. Nice flying, too.

What was the wind do you think? Lines? S'a big kite.

(I had to look up ‘aleatora’ — found it means ‘random’ in Esperanto...?



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Yep...the setting is quite nice.....the beach across the street from my house...the tides dictate the size of the flying space.......

Winds were probably 4-5mph or so...probably 90x90 lines...a long time ago but I rarely fly any kites when whitecaps are present....I’m an old skool low wind flier.... I’m a longtime “kitist” who doesn’t like a lot of wind....the less the better!!!!! To be honest I never really care about the windspeed and just go with how I’m feeling that day and how fast or slow I feel I like flying. The Revz this size...9’x3’....Sedgwick 1, Zen, Robertshaw 1 (all with multi frames) get put away when the wind gets to about 7 or so....but I rely more on the pull of the kite rather than windspeed.....if too much I’ll change to a 1.5 or a 2 sized Rev....or pack up, go home and make funny sounds.

I’m a drummer and sound designer by trade so aleatoric principle of music composition could be as “relatively” simple as a polyrhythm or polymetric rhythms. What I also do sometimes is design a sound and then add in or on another disparate sound and see what happens. As far as this vid goes I found some old vids of the blue/yellow kite and then wanted a stark(er) soundtrack because of what’s going on across the other side of the world. The music is an excerpt and by chance, randomness, and the aleatoric principle they just fit per se.....given I put this together real quickly to lend a “voice”.

The only non aleatoric thing was I removed an audio track to make the excerpt a little starker to more act as a juxtaposition of the kites dance, the spiffy sky, and flying area. I’ve also started a series of works where the kites movement will dictate the movement of the soundtrack....like a graphic score.
Please check this vid link  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xabYn35ngaY as it scratches the surface of aleatoric music....and as well, in the mid ‘90’s while still in the city, I was working for a vid game company doing R and D as described more or less in the vid. I would put my vid game ditties on a cassette and then go flying to see if things worked....was almost like getting paid to fly kites..... Ironically I have absolutely zero interest in vid games but was way kewl to partake in the R and D as they didn’t want any of the normal action soundtrack stuff.

As for a live performance example please check out this bit of lunacy...we were conducted by cue cards and were instructed to play whatever we wanted as to what the cue card suggested.....I’m one of the drummers....with glasses....




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