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Kind of stunt kites.

Gunner K

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What type of flying is out there.  I see trick kites flying talked about a lot , beside trick kites what do you call a good turner, one that can do nice squares, good figure eights, I guess precision flying what type of kite is that called?  One that makes sound, like my old Chicago Fire but new.  What would one look for in this type of kite. I bought a new trick kite and it flys well but just fells light, not much pull.


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Well they are generally called precision kites....a little bigger and more slower.... These daze kites are a lot quieter than in the past....I have a JS Neptune like in your pic and it is the only one I have that will make some noise...like a flying fish farting.....lol. Still an amazing kite after all these years!!! It has to be a real Sky Delight though...;)

I am a no wind glider, an all wind Rev flier, and a low wind dual kitester myself. I’m also an old school flier that’s not into tricking per se as I fly kites to slow down and have no interest in the yank and spank flying....although I do admire folks who can do really kewl “tricks”....but whatever...to each their own.

Ken Mcniell.....aka Kmac.....Blue Moon kites....makes amazing kites.....I have a modest collection...;)....that bridge the gap perfectly between old school/new school and precision and trick flying....my fav dualies by far!!!!







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