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What kind of kite did you fly today?

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22 hours ago, Bunduki Vlieger said:

I don't know why Level One and PAW developed it this way. I guess because the ONE is meant for beginners and they often lose the upper spreader. ...

Oh, I thought that it was something that you had developed, I didn't realize that it came from Level One.

I was thinking about my Tricktail UL and Utopia, both of which don't have upper spreaders and do fairly well in low winds.

Today the wind was a little low, so not too much action with the Supersonic and I didn't even bother to get out the Flexifoil.  I did fairly well with the Tsuru UL.

I got a few minutes on someone else's TICA UL, which is a very nice kite and flew very nicely.  I might have to consider getting one.


We'll see how tomorrow is going.

Oh, and I'm expecting a 61/49, too!

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Better wind today.  I did a little bit with my Tsuru Std.  I had my son with me today and he mostly flew the Tsuru.  I flew an old TOTL North Shore Extreme that I recently acquired.  It was in excellent shape.  Even came with the manual and catalog.  I didn't use the kevlar lines it came with.

Added a 80 foot tube tail that I had, just to really bring back old-school feeling.


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