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Available:Hawaiian Rainbow Team Kite (Original)


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Hawaiian Rainbow Team Kite (Original)

For sale. This original Hawaiian Rainbow Team Kite made by Top of The Line Kites. We are the original owners and the kite has been stored in a closet indoors for years. Only flown a handful of times. Eight feet across with two original line controls. Has had minor repairs and may need two carbon rods; otherwise all original condition. The kite also has it's original storage bag. The kite is powerful and perfect for beachgoers; it will test the skill of adults and children. This design and manufacturer are important parts of kite history. A quote from a kite website, "This kite pioneered sports kite flying and I would not be bold in saying that it is a classic!".

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    Hawaiian Team Kite
  • Model
    8 foot, rainbow, delta


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Awesome old-tymey stunt kite. It looks like this one may even pre-date standoffs, which really does underline the age of the design. Early 1990s or so?

Big time pull in a good  wind, a real butt dragger!

I have several, or would be all over this. 'Specially at this price.

Thanks for posting this, it brings back memories.


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