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Stacking Revs: idondgeddit...

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Those that know Bob Serack of Vancouver Wa. have probably seen his stack of 24 :blue-cool:   homemade revs. Each are 5 foot in size and stacked (I think) about 3 feet apart. A real bear to launch, but a blast when it gets going!  :devil:

Oops I was wrong. Bob's revs are 4 feet wide but tere are 24 of them. 200 lb line and no reinforcements. Yeah, it does just about pull your arms off! :ninja:

That looks amazing :o I've never seen a stack of Revs here in the UK, although I knew you could stack them. Have to buy some more.

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REV's are interesting to stack. Great for shows! The public loves it!!!!

I've created several variations over the last 10 years, and like them all.

- 1994 progressive Rev II, Rev 90(my own size before REV1.5) and Rev. I

- 1995 progressive Original Rev II, Rev 1.5, Rev I (or was it 1996)

- 1996 mini Revs 80 cm wide, 2 separate trains of 5 Revs. Fly beautiful, all given away for good causes.

In 1997 I met Big Sam Ritter. He flew up to 11 REV I's at that time. Sam is big, I mean real big. He also has the heart to go with it. He is really a super nice guy.

From Sam I picked up some ideas. One was to shorten the distance between the REVs. It cuts down the pull.

I have flown stacks of 5 REV I's and stacks of REV 1.5's from my collection of originals with great success after my tips from Sam.

In 1995 I flew a progressive stack of my Rainbows. Each REV had six tails. It was a beautiful site in the sky with 18 tails of around 15 meters each. It was a disaster when you stopped flying forward or flew reverse. It was a real mess.

I do not recommend tails on any rev train except for maybe the last rev.


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Anyone seen the "Wanted" poster?

I put it up, it says:


Wind, last seen a month ago!

Nothing but rain and wind or no wind since

and yes I am getting withdrawal symptoms. Happy New Year all th same. BTW if I had the money I'd probably buy a stack of revs as well, but then again the new Frenzy 05 14M keeps calling me as well :)

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I heard my name being mentioned....

Hi John, Hi Penny!!!

It's been a very long time...

I haven't been flying that much except for the events that we go to. But it's like riding a bicycle you don't forget. I think for me it's all muscle memory. :clap;

My stack is adjustable from 4 to 16 Rev 1's, so I really haven't been adjusting the rear bottom lines, it's all in how you fly the kites to keep the back ones from falling out. You also get good at fixing the fallout messes while flying. Lee and I have had some pretty good messes that we just fly out of. Usually one of the best things that you can do to clear your mess is a bit of brake, maybe a shake here or there. It all depends on how the mess happened.

I'll try to stay in touch, at least pop in here from time to time....


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