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Looking for a wrist strap

Mithril Dragon

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We've started flying kites with the grandkids.  We all have a good time, just one little problem.  

Twice now, the spool of line has gotten jerked out of the grand-daughters hand.  We chased it down once, but the second tome we had to get in the car to go retrieve the kite.

The first time the was holding a stick with an attached spool, the second it was a 5' donut spool.

I am looking for some kind of wrist strap we can use to attach the spool of line to her.  Any suggestions greatly appreciated!






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I would recommend against it. There are tethers and harnesses, but they always include multiple safety devices and break-away clips for the pilot to engage. 

With something that is held in hand, when there is a gust the kite breaks free from their grip. With something attached to their body a strong gust could drag the kid across the field into danger, a sudden gust could break a bone, or worse.

If you are worried about a single line kite getting free, use a ground stake. A large dog stake can work well for small kites, get the spiral style you screw into the ground. Securely anchor the stake, then use a lark's head or other simple easily-released knot to attach the line to the stake.

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