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i like the super truck it has the big wheels good for the sand here is my rebuilt flexifoil bigfoot it goes anywhere


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After taking over JoJo and Libre products for North America from Skyline Wings we have been scrambling to get a great web site up Kite Buggy Speed Shop. Please take a look and give us some feed back.



Hi Jon!

It was great to see you at Lincoln City!

Thanks for the web link. I'll bookmark it so I can pull it up for referrals to you up up the road in Woodland. (which is a lot closer than Afganistan...which is what it shows for your profile!! ? LOL!)

Stop by The Shoppe when ya get a chance :kid_frustrated:


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here we have beach carts and the guys that use them always sell the junk wheels left over i am upgradeing to bigfoots but for the time this was a cheap way to hit the sands and test my new fork setup all is good and i will be getting the big foot tires this winter hopefully.. i only buggy dureing the winter months when the beaches here are closed fror the season.. plus the winter brings better winds for some good ridein.. the tires are a rollezze pvc wheel they are not as good as the bigfoot tires as i tried a few buggies with them and thats why i want those tires .. the rolezze tire were good untill i tried the bigfoots

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