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1.5 sle @midwest kites ..have you seen it.

Quad KiT

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Ask and you shall receive...

This baby is sweet and if the sun is behind you the end caps bling because they are glossy black. It is solid black but the angle of the light makes the panels change colors like that. I am also building a red chase light to make it like the knight rider car.


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I have an all black Supersonic, no white panels at all, (Dan Whitney got it for me, so you know it's an oldie!)

If you are patient you can get it in one color. I'm trying to get an all-white polyester sail now

Are you saying Danny is old? uhmmm!

I try to get most of my Rev.'s in white sales. Makes the custom paint jobs easier.



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quad kit a full color series is what im waiting for too all white or all purple but all colors would be cool too those would be my first choises
Hey family are we speaking of a complete solid color cause this would be a problem because of the die process and the center we have printed to make things cost effective. What I ask of all of you out there is remember the cost of mass produceing the product this is the hard part :P but most things are doable so family Im listening and as alway will do my best by you, so remind me after Xmas and Ill try to get a few out there if thats what you want. As for the centers well thats a whole nother ball of wax and if you want I can see what can be done there, also but you have to committ to wanting them and then Ill see what I can and cant do that wont kill the wallet and we can go from there.............Ben p.s. remember this is a new year comming up and you know I had to have made lots changes in the standard line, so keep those eyes open and know that I personally will always do my best by you...................
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well im hopeing before i get too old i can get a few whities im going to be 35 in 2 weeks that would be a good b day present
Hey Im only a phone call away and Ill do this for you but the center will have the logo but the rest is doable...................Ben
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