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He has arrived!!!!!!

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wow! already almost 3 weeks old it seems like just a couple days ago I was talking to you and you were saying that he was just 3 days old kids grow up so fast. it seems like its taking me forever to be 15 and a half so I can take drivers ed I cant wait but it takes sooo long :)

love always,


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but I would have so much fun driving! I already have a job so I would be able to pay for it as long it isn't Christmas lol considering I just spent over $500 on the family and I had to do like 3 rounds in the store cause the cart kept filling up. I spoil 3 kids every year and bye them soo much noisy toys and stuff. but I wouldn't want my kids to grow up fast I just want to grow up fast. I hope moons baby doesn't grow up too fast it seems like he is :) little babies need to stay little (not for too long we might kill them) it would be fun for abit but not forever :)

love always,


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