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ant man

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post-812-1177979710_thumb.jpgpost-812-1177979752_thumb.jpgpost-812-1177979775_thumb.jpgpost-812-1177979792_thumb.jpgwell here is my first homemade quadstick set i finished it today and flew it at a small field by my house and it peforms great in a 3 mph wind i hope you all like it the diffrence i noticed is the tightness in the sail and how it bows the kite back on all the end points .. flown on 40 foot lines and 13 inch handles it floats better and flies really nice in a wind of 3 to 8 mph .. when i flew with paul lemasters he gevae me the idea to do it (THANK YOU PAUL) he is a superb flier and because of him i now have a kite that peforms so much better . in oc maryland the winds were real light and pauls kite was so sweet to fly . i loved it so much that i had to set up my own .. i plan on doing another one too
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Looks great Ant. How long did it take you to set it up.

What is the concept behind the sticks? I know it's been discussed here in the past so if someone wants to give me the link to the convesation, that would be OK.

Or, we could just revisit it again here.

Great job....


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well im not 100% sure but after a test fly in 3 mph winds i did see a diffrence in the kite peformance . it floated real nice and is more responseive i might try and go with a lighter spar but for now its doing pretty well the other thing i like is that the kite can rest on the sticks when not in flight i didnt need a stake to secure it

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Miller lite presents real men of genius. Today we salute you Mr Quad Stick flyer man... while everyone else's kites are knocked over in the sand yours sits proudly on its quad sticks waiting for that little gust of wind... many a days other kites just won't sit without a stake, yours is anxiouly waiting... so when the winds not blowing pop open a nice cold miller lite Mr multi line quad stick flyer man because when your hands arent full of quad handles they are holding a miller lite

LOL, love the can of beer on the kite construction table! :blue-grin:

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One of these days I'm either going to find my missing 1.5 sticks bridle or I'm going to tie one up myself again. I only flew with it on for a week or so, thus I don't remember much about the difference so it'd be fun to relook at it.

There just isn't enough hours in the day lately. :blue-grin:

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You ought to see me fly with beer goggles on. :kid_frustrated:

Remember that movie with Jackie Chan... I think it was called Drunken Master??? Might be a new routine for you... you could fall down and talk smart while flying your kite in perfect control. ;) For music you could sing 99 bottles of beer on the wall, or not.

Might be more fun than Wolfman.

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they sell it here to its really good but hey dont knock the miller it works

Lite Beer = dual line kite

Nice, dark ale = quad line kite

ya, it works I guess.


Vodka, Whiskey, Tequila, beer dark or light. =single line(we can have a posh drink. Got a spare hand, sometimes 2, so we don't spill) :w00t:

Dual and quad lines always have a ground stake and a wind meter.

Single line flyers always have a bottle opener and if they are really serrious...ice :blue-cool: !

At the end of the day we all have one thing in common.

The bar.

Apart from you Iquad sissy's who failed beer 101 at Lincoln City!!!! ("oh! I need my hot tub")

Luckily you can always re-sit the exam.

Life is full of constant tests! Damn, Damn,damn those exams. I must study harder.

Bazzer :devil:

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