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Happy Birthday to John Barresi

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Happy birthday John if I get the pleasure of meeting you at ocean shores this weekend I will buy you a birthday drink :kid_devlish: have a great day And many more This is you birthday song and it isn't very long. Hay

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Hey John... Stop having birthdays before it's too late... you're starting to catch up to me :big_band:

That BIG BLUE BARRESI got here :kid_devlish:

The gold and silver autographs are great... and I signed all you guys up for junk mail :big_band:

Thanks again and have a great day!!!

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32....just a PUP>.....

Have a good one and I'll see you tomorrow in Ocean Shores. I might even be able to get you to show me a thing or two on the REV. Maybe help me set mine up correctly if I can catch you when your not surrounded by HOT, SCANTILY CLAD, 19 YR OLD BEACH BUNNIES........I think it's supposed to be pretty warm tomorrow...so the eye candy will be out....(NO disrespect at all meant to the wonderful lady members of this forum...please feel free to grope and touch John as much as you want...it is his birthday after all.)

Have a good one bud and here's to MANY MORE!!!!

P :big_band::big_band:

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Thanks guys. :sign_kitelife::rainbowwave:

Skitch, missed you in OS over the weekend... I hope all is alright?

Yeah I heard we were gonna get to meet you too? Hopefully soon!

Johnboy.. what can I say.. I mean.. for a guy that has had 4 birthdays in the last month and a half..you must be older then 32 now.. don't you think? (ducks and runs lol).

I do have to say, you look quite sexy in a sombrero...



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AWWWW Shucks......I had everything packed and ready to go the night before and then some unexpected "issues" came up. I was grumpy all day. I too was looking forward to meeting all of you! It will definitely happen soon.

Y'all take care!


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