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I have noticed that Rev. kite fliers want to be able to do tricks, more often, and, for some time now, I have known of the French Bridles. About a year ago I had them set in my Rev. ll. and Just last week I decided to try them in my Old Rev. Sul 1.5 and now modified to Vented Rev 1.5. With the New Bridles, I was able to do: GROUND PANCAKES, AXELS, FIC-FLACS, and some very good GROUND RECOVERY. :kid_cussing::wub: (this may sound like dual kite flying) Let me tell you that I am totally convinced, that, if anyone wants to do this tricks at easy, then, FRENCH BRIDLES ARE A MOST. This is only my own personal opinion, and since videos speak better than words, let me share my last experience, with you. And, finaly, I had a lot of fun doing those tricks. Suggestion... try them, (French Bridles) you'll like them. Last but not least, my video is of poor quality, since I am only using Microsoft video Maker, and my Sony lap top is pretty old. Anyway, I let you be the judge.

Hasta la vista Amigos.

Hector Herrera

Mr. Guatemalan Kiteflyier.


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How was the precision Hector?

Any more/less responsive and crisp than the standard bridle, in your experience?

Some of those axles were very nice by the way. ;)

Precision???...Hmmm... I've got to be honest, you know I don't practice that much, only some Saturdays, 3 a month, and I am not very good at precision yet, Crisp: yes they are very touchy, responsive: they do everything you throw at them. Those bridles are very good to my humble opinion, and just like everything, practice, practice, practice...makes the master, and for been the first time, with my modified rev.1.5 I did pretty good, if I could practice some more I would not be afraid of participating in a contest, or something. Axels, man... it was the first time I did those, and the flic flacs, they where very decent, I've got carried away with emotions.


THE FRENCH BRIDLES.!!! I am not sure if they are called "Turbo Bridles too" anyway, have fun, if anyone uses those bridles after I post the drawings, please let me know, just for my own satisfaction that I did something good for my fellow kite flyers. You must do them exactly, or the closest you can. Dimentions are in millimeters.


Hector Herrera

Mr. Guatemalan KiteFlyier.


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Are the inner attachment points on the leading edge slightly outside of center?

This would mean cutting holes further in, no?

According to the plan, yes, but I didn't follow exactly. I extended the bridle to go to the original center hole, but who knows, if by punching those holes it would be "even better" ??? I tell what, I a gonna make those 2 holes and I will try again next Saturday, and I'll let you know if there are any differences or what. One thing I am sure: they do trick easier and better, than the standar bridles, when I was practicing last saturday, I felt like a John Barresi, or a Lam Hoac, or like a Shawn Tinkham, you know...one of those top shots... ;) in other words, anyone who try these bridles, WILL LIKE THEM VERY MUCH, AND WOULD WANT TO BUY MORE KITES. Except me, who makes my own. (actually, cannot afford) Have you seen my indoor 1.5 yet?

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