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KiteMakers Would anyone like?

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Hello, My husband contacted me about tempered glass they have if someone wished to make coffee tables,etc. I told him... kite makers use that!

Please contact ASAP if you would like any of this. My husband would have to load it in my van by Tomorrow. I can bring something to Long Beach (hopefully it will fit) if anyone wants some. Plese let me know. Please pas the word quickly.

This is what they have:

Listed below is a list of tempered glass on site:

(7) 40" x 38"

(6) 47" x 38"

(3) 43" x 38"

471/2" x 37"

451/2" x 37"

43" x 37"

42" x 37"

40" x 37"

11" x 38"

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