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Fellow kiting family and friends of kitelife.com, I have a wonderful announcement and want to share my happiness with all of you.

We are expecting another addition to our family and instead of giving away cigars I am giving away kites! So to make this fun for everyone, I am going to hold a contest for all of you, my kiting friends. All you have to do is guess the exact time and date on when this new addition to our family will arrive and you can walk away with a shiny brand new kite!!!

Here are the details:

1) Pick a date and time on when you think the baby will be born and post it onto this thread.

2) You are only allowed to select one date and time per forum member and once selected, it cannot be changed. All times and dates must be in plain format with AM or PM clearly marked and must be in 5 minute increments (no single minutes, no seconds) **example - June 25th, 7:35 pm**. All times will be Pacific Standard Times so if you choose 4:10 pm it will be assumed that you mean 4:10 pm PST. We will be collecting the times and dates off of the forum as a permenant record. The time and date that we see on the forum will be the one recorded.

3) The time you select cannot be the same as one already selected in a previous post so check the previous posts to make sure your time has not been already chosen. If possible, we will post the hard-copy list for easier date and time selections. If we find two posts with the same time, the first post (as time stamped by the forum) will get that time and the second post will be rejected.

4) To help narrow down the time, we will give the dates of between November 1st and December 31st. This is a very broad time of when the baby is estimated to arrive and can be any date between. Feel free to venture beyond these dates if so desired. I will give one hint - the scheduled due date is not Nov. 1st or Dec. 31st but as you know, the baby will be here when ready so even those dates are possible choices.

5) We will award the prizes to the members who's times are closest to the actual arrival date. The closest time will win the first prize, second closest time, second prize, etc... In the rare event that two times are exactly the same time apart and are within the top 5 closest times, the person who selected their time and date first (as time stamped by the forum) will win the greater prize. **Example... If the baby arrives at 4:10 pm and the two closest people have chosen 4:00 pm and 4:20 pm, the person who chose their time first will win the first prize, the other will win the second prize.**

6) Bonus Prize. If the winner of any one of the prizes is also a Kitelife Subscriber, that winner will win the bonus prize along with their regular prize. Only one bonus prize is available and will first be awarded to the first place winner if they are a current Kitelife Subscriber. If the winner of the first place prize is not a Kitelife Subscriber then the Bonus prize will then be awarded to the second place winner if they are a current Kitelife Subscriber and so on.

7) There is no cost whatsoever to enter this contest although all contestents must be registered forum members and are encouraged to become full subscribers. Being a subscriber does not in any way affect your chances of winning but it does make you feel really good knowing that you are helping keep Kitelife and kiting in general going strong. You also get the chance to pick up the bonus prize!

8) All prizes will be shipped from A Wind Of Change Kites in Las Vegas regular UPS Ground at no cost for the conteniental U.S. International shipping and express shipping will be the sole responsibility of the winners.

9) This contest is run as a private contest by myself and on behalf of A Wind Of Change Kites and is in no way affiliated in any way with Kitelife Magazine or kitelife.com. I reserve the right to cancel this contest at any time (althought I hope there never becomes a reason to do so). All taxes and any other fees/charges/tarriffs/duties/expenses associated with winning any prize from this contest will be the sole responsibility of the winners - I don't know of any fee that would ever come about but if it does, its your responsiblity to take care of it.

10) Employees or direct family members of employees of A Wind Of Change are not allowed to participate in this contest. :(

11Any person who attempts to gain an unfair advantage such as multiple guesses under fake names or other manipulation will be disqualified from the contest and all guesses will be removed. I want to make this contest completely fair for everyone so I will have the final say in all participants and any disqualifications (which I hope will not occur). We will be checking IP addresses and contestant names/shipping addresses to make sure all entries are legit.

12) The most important rule, have fun and all prizes must be flown once received....a picture would be great to share as well. :)

Now for the prizes:

First Place Prize

1 Widow Maker by Skyburner Kites

Second Place Prize

1 John Barresi Standard Revolution Kite Package

Third Place Prize

1 Zephyr by Prism Kites

Fourth Place Prize:

1 Silverfox 2.3 by Flying Wings

Fifth Place Prize

1 Nighthawk by Premier Kites

Bonus Prize!!!

Jumping Jack Flash from Level One Kites

Ok there ya go....put your thinking caps on, talk to your psychic, check out the stars, look at the horoscopes and figure out the winning date!


Update - Here is the Excel file of currently posted times. This file will be updated whenever possible and may not include the latest times posted. Hopefully it will help you select the times that are not already selected

Baby Guess Times.xls

You will need Excel to view this file.


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OOOOOO. Interesting!!!!!

Put me down for Nov 10th 6:00 AM.

For the b-series, does the winnner get to choose the color and if it is vented or not, or is that already chosen?

Also, If.... hypethetically..... I happen to win first place, I don't fly duelies, and would really have no use for the window maker. I have flown duelies before, but quads have taken their place. Anyway, would the first place winner be able to have the b-series instead???

Congrats on the baby!!!!!

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OK, sounds fun. how about Dec 15th, 7.35am.

Hope all go's well for you. if you need any help give me a call. I have delivered 22 so far!! Not concieved any though.

As you say, one thing is for sure, baby will arrive when it is good and ready.

Good luck to all.

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I'm expecting triplets myself next week - Prism Quantums Fire, Ice and Lava. Thanks Kent for the speedy processing of my order. Congratulations

and Best Wishes to yourself and your wife.

Here's my guess DEC 15th, 0:25 am

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Great guessing everyone, keep em coming!

I have put together an excel spread sheet and will try to post it up so that everyone can review it.

A Couple problems this far - I have rounded a couple of the times up or down to the nearest 5 minute increment according to the contest rules.

Steve, you need to specify AM or PM for your time to be recorded. Let me know and I will get it listed up on the sheet.

Thanks to everyone that has participated thus far. We're looking for a great turnout. Tell all your kiting friends and have them register and put up their times!

Good luck everyone!

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Ok Steve, got your time logged.

For those who are asking:

Penny & Jesse

We're having another girl. This will be my 5th....yea, all girls. Just can't seem to get the boy thing right but ah well, my girls are all wonderful and I wouldn't change them for anything. This will be my wife's second child. My three oldest girls are from my previous marriage.

Oh, and the three oldest are pretty darn good Rev flyers too although Kristin does seem to like the power kites a bit more. She's getting pretty good on the buggy. They all love the land sailers and never miss too many chances to sail.

Thanks everyone for your kind words. We're still a ways out to get too excited about the arrival but it should be pretty awesome and fun when the day finally comes.

On some of the kites I may have a color selection and we can discuss that when the contest is over. I will contact the winners for details. As far as exchanging the prizes, for now we will keep them as they are listed on the main post.

Thanks again for everyone who has submitted their times thus far. Looking forward to the next few months for a really fun time.

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