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Reverse Flight

Chris Michaud

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You guys can probably add more brake than you're flying with at this point. With the kite parked inverted, more brake actually makes it easier to launch. Once the kite is up and moving you're good to go. You will get used to it in time, and upright launches will become routine. Keep adding brake each time you fly, push the envelope of what your kite can do!

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On the subject of brakes - think of it as a car transmission. You're looking for a neutral, not drive! You can set the kite up in a way that it doesn't do what you don't tell it to do! The stock setup is great for launching, but once in the air, it's always in drive! Always wants to go forward The longer leaders let you neutralize things so you have to tell it where to go! Now it doesn't just go off in your hands, flying crazy forward with every gust of wind!

The kite is made for you to have complete control, any direction, any speed, any time! Longer leaders (more brakes) gives you that control!

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