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Kite shop for sale!

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Posting this for my friends, Erv & Gail Crosby...

BUSINESS FOR SALE: Four Winds Kite Shop

1911 Broadway, Everett, WA 98201


Our business includes: Retail location in Everett, Internet Sales, Manufacturing, and Tulip Town location.

Inventory includes: Kites of all kinds (our major item), Chimes, Banners, Windsocks and Wind Wheels, the bread and butter products include Wind Toys, Kite Accessories, Kite Fabric, Carbon and Fiberglass Spars and Kite Fittings.

Store fixtures.. Computer desk, glass tables, sewing machine, display racks, storage bins, etc.

Kite manufacturing business is negotiable.

Four Winds also has retail space at Tulip Town in Mt. Vernon (WA) for 30 days of April, a strong portion of our annual revenue, this is also negotiable.

At our present 15 year retail location in Everett, there are two kite fields a short distance away and a progressive bunch of kite flyers (i.e. customers) in our area. The closest kite shop is 30 miles away in Seattle.

We have happily served the Pacific Northwest Kite Flyers for the last 15 years, but it is time for an aggressive new owner to take over a great business.

Priced to sell. Serious buyers only.

Call Erv & Gail Crosby to discuss, 425-339-9334 or 425-259-4490

Email at 4winds@eskimo.com

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NO WAY!!!!!!

I can't believe this........sorry to see Erv go. What a great guy always willing to help and talk. I know we will still see you on the fields. Everyone in the NW should try to stop by and let him know that we appreciate him sticking it out over the years. Hey, maybe buy a kite from him as well!!!

We'll miss ya!!!



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They've been in business quite some time and there was a great club for years up there. Hoepfully someone with some vision will buy it and build a strong kiting community.

I've been to a few of their flies over the years. They have fields, and beach and if you can get on base there are indoor fly venues.

Good luck Erv.



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I'm not sure...

There's a phone number here - http://www.eskimo.com/~4winds/

Erv retired and closed up the shop.For a time only the internet was going.Erv had cancer as well and he passed away 9 months ago.Gail has closed the internet shop and doesnt intend to reopen it i;m told.No kite shop in Everett for now.I;m thinking of opening one..Been trying to get a hold of Gail to see if she still has any left over inventory..No response as of yet..

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Word on the street has it that the mfg end of Four Winds was purchased by one of the folks who worked with Erv.

I did also hear that Gail will be attending KTAI in January, not sure in what capacity.

Thanks for updating this topic John. :kid_devlish:

Odd note, I actually have the last kite that Erv ever sewed himself, a custom "Nos", one the latest designs done by him and Reggie Yaplee.

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