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2 new videos : 2 Rev Stacks FlyingSquad / The Paradox

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Hello -

It's me again, sorry -

here is 2 new videos from Frejus , october 2007

2 Stacks of rev of the FlyingSquad with the worldfamous flyiers and movie actors (as you can see they love it!) Stephen Hoath and Steven Matchett. - with the music of the ballet with a good quality thanks to thephen -


And the Paradox i already filmed the year before with a little expanation in French (sorry i didn't do the subtitles yet) a amazing 4 lines kite designed in Germany 15 years ago - This is a copy made by Marc of the Bluesky kite club in Luxembourg. He actually made 2 of them - this is the smallest, with plans he founded in an german kite magazine 10 years ago.


you can also as usual download the videos in a better quality to apprieciate their work


See you

Alex - http://revolutionkite.wordpress.com

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Loved the videos. Thanks!!!

Couple of questions if you don't mind. On the Rev stacks, what length and weight lines were you using? And what were the tails -- material and how long were they? And the handles you were using -- they looked longer than either Rev 2 or "normal" Rev handles -- maybe the extended handles?

Thanks, Doug

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Hi Doug -

as you've seen on my site - im not the only one to use rev stacks and each person has his own recepe.

Personaly i have a 3 and a 5 revs 1.5 stacks, custom home made with chrismass wrapping paper and tape - and i use tails made of the wrapping rubbon (it's light, cheap and looks great)-

i use custom long handles but normal rev handles work fine too (i have both). -The lines are normal team lenght 35-37meters (120 feet) like any european teams (English french and german teams i flew with have more or less the same size - japanese teams Aile and Nest have shorter lines, as i remember (25m i guess) spanish, portugese and italians fly with 35- 37 as i remember (i dont know about Amercan team but just iquad ! - so it's easyer when you have the same lenght - you can fly with everybody in all the festivals without thinking about your lines.

the english team "the Flyingsquad" flyes with up to 6 stacks of 7 custom made rev II kites (made by revolution) (they use 4 kites when the wind is strong) with 120 feet lines and ripstop tails with lots of coulours (custom made by steven Matchett - he told me that it was a hell lots of work) - they are totally amazing and are very easy to fly even if some people think they pull a bit when the wind gets stronger - i dont have more details

Between the revs i use 1m20 lines (half of the lenght of the rev) but you can try other solutions.

Anyways, like any other stacks, the kites are slower and they pull a lot - i have used mine to ride a buggy without any problems - but its not as efficient as a good modern sail - but it is a little different from flying a single revolution kite


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