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Les Crazy Drivers at Portsmouth UK 2007

after you watch the link, click "more from this user" i got 7 vids now and well be uploading more from shmen international kite festival(Taiwan)

right now i got

2 indoor rev vids of me

1 indoor rev vid by a friend with a b-serises rev (im on a pc witch means NO SPELL CHECK! so sorry :) )

1 vid of Chris Goff at portsmouth flying a fury

1 vid of Stephen Hoath at shmen flying a rev(high winds every day)

1 vid of japanese teams AILE+NEST flyings 6 revs together

1 vid of Crazy Drivers at portsmouth 2007

i'll post when i get a new one up and update this post




iSpace No.2 indoor fly vids, yay!

LG quad


Geary rev


wong rev


wen rev


wen reflection


LG amazing




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Great videos Wen, thanks for posting, keep 'em coming! :)

Are you going to be in Uchinada, first weekend of May?

i just might =)

hey, John, do you have more info on the Uchinada festival?

since you mention it, we are looking into the wind and start dreaming....

the sherpa needs more data to process.....

the kiter just lights up with a gleeeeeee....

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Hey Wen, looking at the vid you did of Chris I must have been standing on your shoulder.

I was watching from around the same place, both on Sat and Sun.

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o really ? :)

Hey, Baloo, I did the recording, so you might be standing over MY shoulder instead. That (Portsmouth K.F.) sure was an exciting detour for us.

We bought that little gem (hard disc camcorder/sony) right before we get on the plane (to England) , and we really got a lot out of it.

Litsong/Wen's sherpa

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Sorry, I don't have more info on the Uchinada event... Just the dates, May 3-4.

I do know it's the JKA's big end of year event, like our AKA Nationals. :rev_clockwork:

Hello John,

I had finally figured things out and now we are taking a 6- day family vacation to Japan!

see you on May 2 there.


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Great movie files :sly:

Keep adding to your collection.

I also saw The Crazy Drivers flying at Portsmouth 2007, nice routine :)

If you see the Chris Goff one at Portsmouth 2007, that is *our* little devil in the background swinging around :(:w00t:

Finally I see some footage of Stephen H flying, OMG near the end what is that ? B)

His taste in music has always worried me :D

Thanks for sharing :lol:

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