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BlueMoon Kites flyin on the Blue Moon

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July 31st, depending where you are, you will be subject to a Blue Moon. http://www.obliquity.com/astro/blue2004.html

What is a Blue Moon? http://www.obliquity.com/astro/bluemoon.html

Okay, now that those two things are over, I think we need to have a worldwide BMK fly on July 31st. Take a look at the first link to find you exact time for the Blue Moon where you're at and get a BMK into the air.

At an earlier stage of my life I was a very active boomeranger, hence the alias. On New Years Eve, it's a tradition with rang'rs to throw a lighted boomerang (tiny cyalum sticks) just before midnight and make a catch after midnight. The lore goes that doing so, a throw and a catch will result in a prosperous New Year. Groups get together to celebrate and throw-into the new year.

I was thinking we need to do the same with Blue Moon Kites, everybody find their time on the chart listed above and get one in the air. Or two or more. Our next opportunity is in 2007. This year it falls on a Saturday, so most of us should be off work.

I will be in NC visiting my daughter and her family. So, I'm planning to be on the beach in Wilmington, NC, Wrightsville Beach to be exact. I will be hoisting at least two BMK's before 1405 and will keep them airborne past the appointed moment. I'll be flying my Ichiban and my Mamba, maybe the Moonie UL if the winds are light enough. What an opportunity to fly them in the fine state of NC, their birthplace.

I've spoken to Ken, and I'm sure he'll be hoisting one too.

So, if you're interested in the 1st BMK Worldwide Fly-in on a Blue Moon Day, let me know here and I'll keep a listing of sites where Fly-in's will occur.

John Chilese added this response:

POSTER? Any BMK that gets flown on July 31st, send me a digital photo of the kite/pilot/owner from that day or a previous flight and I will make a collage poster and post it on my webshots page. I'll also make a larger (# of pixels) one which I can email to anyone who wants it if you would like to print something at high resolution.

So, if you're interested in the 1st BMK Worldwide Fly-in on a Blue Moon Day, let me know here and I'll keep a listing of sites where Fly-in's will occur.

Ken McNeil added:

I'd be thrilled if you'd just all fly your Blue Moon kites sometime in July (or August)!

How 'bout if we call it "close enough" if you fly your BMK sometime 23 hours and 59 minutes either before or after the "official" blue moon.

Extra points for a picture of you and your Blue Moon kite showing the full moon. I'm thinking I might be able to come up with a nice prize (TBD) for a randomly selected picture meeting this criteria. hmm...

Send these pictures to Ken at his website: www.bluemoonkites.com

Thanks, more later. . . :blushing:

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