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oh no....


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  • 2 weeks later...
hey guys....

i might not be on as much... i don't hate anyone... one of my best friends, and co-screenwriter's other best friend has cancer... and is dieing... so its a.... rough time. sorry.

:( OH no!

Love and Light to you and your friend... cant wait til all is better and you come back! :unsure:

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Hey everyone! thank you for making me smile when i was really sad. *HUGS TO ALL*

my friend is doing better, he is walking, and might have a chance of surviving... or living longer. SO i am feeling alot better, and am keeping myself busy! yay!

i get to go to Homecomming, and i will take LOADS of pictures for you guys to see! I have THE BEST dress ever. And i am going to a MUSE concert. they are an awesome band.

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Sounds like life is good Kristi. :unsure:

What kind of music does the MUSE play? I like the name.

You know how we kiteflyers are... always looking for new music.

Well, I better go get my gear together and head for a fun fly before I turn into a responsible person. (I'll vacuum tomorrow. :sq-yingyang: )



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I remember homecoming.......I think :unsure:

Have a great time and definately put up lots of pictures. I bet your dress is awsome and you are going to look great :sq-yingyang:

Great to hear about your friend. I will keep sending over my good energy to you.

Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Moonie Poo

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What have I started....:sq-yingyang:

Moonie Poo?  .... MOONIE POO! ????   
Moon poo, bull poo, llama poo...whats next!

Do you really want to know whats next?? :unsure:

See what happens when I try to be cute :) Glad that I put a smile on every bodies face. Leave it to a bunch of kite fliers to mke everything about poo. :mellow:

It makes me think of a certain South Park episode. Any guesses?

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wow! It's getting deep around here. Think I"ll go indoor fly.

Remind's me of the kite joke.. ok stop me if I've told this... heheh you can't!

Two Newbie KITE JUDGES ... Dressed like Scott Davis in tropical baggy shorts, socks and sandles, a shirt to busy to deciper.... (hey, don't think I'm insulting Scotty, I dress like this too, huh) and of course a kite hat.

They come onto the field with clipboards, pencils, binnoculars around their necks.

Karl the tall one looks all serious, while Rick the shorter one is looking all over, taking in the kites in the air and the ehhh colors on the ground. (the body types have been changed to protect the innocent)

Karl says,"Wow, finally we get to be judges.. Even after you shadowed judged.. we still get to be judges!

I heard there was a new trick on the field and we were going to see some great axels, and oh.. I heard the fountain up from the german guy is the smoothest. We can't take our eyes off of those kites for a minute! I wouldn't want to miss it! You gotta pay attention.. no crashing into the pilot.. pay attention!

Rick acting like a mouth breather (kite talk for someone who looks up at all the kites with their mouth open in awe as they trip over kite lines and logs) says.... yeah.... yeahhh.. wouldn't want to miss it, uh huh, pay attention.

Karl says... "ok, their getting ready to start... put your pencil up! Both judges put thier pencils up to the sky (to help judge the kites movements in the window and Joey... sees a cute girl and tracs his pencil across to her.

Karl says.. Wow! Did you see it? Did you see it!

Rick, swings back, aaahhhh, no........ I missed it!

Karl takes off his hat and slaps him upside the head.... "Dummy, you missed it... pay attention.... Here comes that German flyer, check this out.. Now pay attention! Pencils up... and they both swing thier arms up to put that line in the sky..... but once again.. Joey's roving eyes pick up on a chick.. and his head turns 90 degrees to see her walk by.

Wow! that was amazing! Said Karl.

"Yeah, amazing" said Rick..

Oh, good you saw it, what are you going to score it? asked Karl.

"aaaahh, aaaah, I don't know.... I missed it.... Rick whimpered.

"Dummy, you got to pay attention! Karl said as he took off his hat and swatted his old buddy on the head.. Now pay attention.. Look up in the sky.. at the kite... not at the girls!! I swear you got dropped from a cody once to often! Pay attention!

"Ok, OK, I'll look up, I'll pay attention..Rick promised.

Look, look, my pencils up... I'm ready..

Good, we better get a little closer, lets move up" Karl said.

There, do you see it? Do you see it?

Yeah, I see it ! explained Rick. Finally feeling on task.

Ahhhh, Dummy,... says Karl... Then WHY did you step in it?!?!?

The End Now who says, we don't have kite poo?

Penny.... wading out of the forum. :sq-yingyang: humming....

Whidhbey Island is coming this weekend!



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