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Still no luck on this one.

There's been some great winds up here in Portland lately -- enough for me to adjust my bridle to medium winds -- and still no luck; the booger just wants to recover every stinkin time.

I even gave her the benefit of the doubt, and 'assumed' she would just start rotating after the first tug, so I tried to tug again just before the kite recovered. Bad decision. I had gawkers from a 1/4mile away that heard the thud.

I'm starting to think that the backspin from fade is just not possible with the Quantum.

Someone prove me wrong..... Just go ahead and try....






Dare ya....

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Hey Jon

Im a LONG time old school comp Pilot from the late 90's and I know your Issue well. I still did not see the right answer in just skimming thru all 3 pages here.

When doing the Back spin from a FADE position. YOU need tro have the Kite COCKED off more vertical. The kite is NOT in a "PURE" Fade position. It is more like wing tip to wing tip at 11 and 4 and 8 and 2 on the clock... Each kite is different. Now the easy way to get this to happen when your coming down in the dive start a small turn as you throw your hands and step forwatd. To get the Fade to KICK out too nose away, and then TUG into the ANGLED offset fade!~!

Now when the Kite goes into the belly away nose just above Vertical position. The wing tips need to be 11 and 4 or 8 and 2, Pull the fade back too you ASAP. The Quantum your flying needs to be a BIT past level and nose high by about 5 to 10 degrees. PULL back in a quick smooth motion as in all fades. As the kite come thru to the fade. YOUR HIGH WING be it the left hand or the right is your PULL HAND!~! 11 ~ 4 is your right 8 ~ 2 is your Left. If memory serves me right here sitting at the computer!~! Your Quantum will want to "flatten out quickly here so PULLING the hIGH wing to initiate the spin is of TIMING asap!~! The nose should be FLTA to the AIR FLOW over the kite from your Perspective.

The Back spin here depends on how your FULCRUM/STALL is set up on your kite. IF YOUR FADE will sit without ""BOBBLING"" 15 FT off the ground. Then do your back spin at 15 ft. with the Above info. It will help a lot for this is where there is the Least amount of recovery wanting to happen in your kite.

Give this Info a try and Drop me a line if you neeed a Better explanation. I just blased thru the 3 pages here and did not SEE the problem issue properly addressed in any of the reasons so I hope I addressed it.... I, P Med it too you.


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haha! Long time no reply to this post. lol. Thanks for the info Eddie, and thanks for the video Dodd :kid_cussing: I managed to pull a couple off (mostly by accident) by having my wings cocked around 8 - 2 O'clock. That is, before I managed to dump my kite off the roof of my Jeep while Xmas vaca packing (see this post for more info -- http://kitelife.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=3148 ).

Im in the market for a new kite now. Thinking Acrobatx or Silver Fox.

......Can't wait to get back on the horse! Come on Springtime!!!!!!

Cheers :)


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The damn backspin.

The dreaded Backspin.

The OMGWTFBBQ Backspin...

This dang trick plagues my very soul!!

Im having the same problem as you were Dean, with it wanting to recover. And I KNOW its my initial backspin input. I can't get that "sweeping lawnmower" pull for the life of me.

For crap sakes, I've learned jacobs ladders by failing at the backspin! LoL

All things happen for a reason I guess. hehe But man,, I am SO tired of practicing and failing a backspin.

Think its time for JB, Dean and the gang to congregate at PIR again some weekend soon. I'll bring the beers. :wacko:

*wink wink*

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The initial pull is a pretty snappy one, is it not?

I think you're right. Think I need to load up some new tunes on my Archos. Maybe somewhere in the area of... 90...B..P..M.. (hehe tribe called quest perhaps?)

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The starting "lean" or angle of the kite on it's back is far more important on the first pull than the amount of energy you expend.

CAN do it fast, but being a little more casual, experimenting with the angle, slack and timing may give you more understanding of the dynamic. :wacko:

The kite MUST be loose when you hit it, walking forward during the whole thing.

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If you learned doing a jacobs ladder by failing a backspin, there should only be a little adjustment left for a proper backspin. Try walking foreward to allow the kite to complete the rotation. Also, I found it most important to realise that the nose of the kite has to point slighly upwards for the initial input.

Try to hold the kite in the fade position with your hands, holding it on the nose with one hand. Now, slightly angle the nose downward and try to rotate the kite with your second hand as it should do for a BS. You can grap the leadingedge for this input and pull horizontally. You will notice that you will basically force the kite back to flying position, with the nose pointing down. Now, slightly point the nose upwards and initiate the rotation again. Horizontal pull on the LE should now cause the kite to rotate "on the nose", as you create a kind of air-pillow below the sail. Also, the drag should be strongly reduced in this position and only little input is required. In summary, you may simply have to take a small step foreward before the initial input, as this will allow the nose to point upward.

Good luck


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