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I get into the fade position and get the roll out into the turtle position. But when I give input for the half lazy susan the lines jump the tips and I end up back in the fade position. ;) I mean it's cool and all, but I'm trying something specific. I've walked and ran toward the kite, away from the kite and just stood still. I've let the nose drop and I've kept it flat. But the lines ALWAYS jump the tips back into the fade.

Cool combo though, fade, double back spin, roll out to the turtle, jump the lines into another double backspin into a flic flac with a 540 flat spin to single tip stand :blink:

Dean :huh:

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Wow that sounds cool. I would like to see that.

As for the Jacobs Ladder, I start it in a deep turtle, do the half lazy, pop the fade, then role out and push it back in a turtle if I'm going for more rungs.

Here's a video of some single rungs that were started with a turtle

Somewhere on the net you can find a real good video of an R-Sky Hoby doing JLs all day from the turtle as a start.

This is the thinking:

If you can LS, or FJ, then you can JL. I know it's not that easy, but it helped me.

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Now that I can watch Randy G's tutorials and RxBurner gave me a tip on the Lazy I'll be out tomorrow to practice.

I wish I could come up with a camera.

Today I laid my bridle all the way back with 150# lines in about 8 to 10 mph. I wasn't really trying overly hard on anything so I got into my graceful finese way of flying and really had a HUGE smile on my face all day. Even though the lines kept jumping over the tips on the Half Lazy back into the fade, all I could say was wow. LOL In 30 minutes I had consistant double back spins, the sloppy but pretty attempts at the Jacobs ladder and got the Comete. Well, I can do 2 in a row anyway. These are my favorite days to fly. Everything just flows from one thing to another.

The first combo of the day is what got it all started. Half Axle to Fade, Double Back Spin one way then the other right into 3 Flic Flac's to 540 Flat Spin back to the Fade into the first messed up attempt at the Jacobs Ladder back to a 540 Flat Spin to one tip landing.

Funny, out of all the years I've owned my kite and been trickin, I've never even thought about setting up the kite and line combos the way I have been lately. But then again I normally flew in 1 to 6 mph winds and these settings would prove to be a little light on lift.

Dean B)

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Got one rung today. As Randy suggested, let the nose drop. I have to almost let it drop vertical with the current settings to get the half lazy. I'm learning.

Thanks for the advice all. Hope to get a camera at some point to find out if I just wow my self or not.

The Box of Tricks is still a cool kite. Just have to get used to how quick it tricks and recovers all over again. B)

Dean :blink:

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