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Who's going to the AKA Convention?

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Through some luck and wheeling and dealing I am going to be able to make it for Friday and Saturday.  It will be my first time in Oregon too. Hope to see some of y'all there!

The Kite Shoppe will be there the whole week too! We arrive Sunday....stay till the following Sunday!

Many members of SWWKA will be arriving throughout the week as well. As well as.....members of TKS Mid-Air!!! ;)

Got to start packing! :unsure:

See ya on the Beach!

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Theresa - What time should I be ready for you and Scott on Sunday?

You name it, I'll be packed to go.

We're thinking about noonish.....

I HAVE to make myself a checklist! Otherwise...we'll get on our way...and wouldn't you know it....Oooopppsss...have to go back for something..... :unsure:

Ask Scott....I am TERRIBLE about that!

Noon should give me time to remember all the things I forgot! ;)


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I can't go!!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!! :w00t:

Make sure to check out the daily updates Aiyana, I'll do my best to bring it home to you! ;)

I'll see you around noon Theresa, sounds good. :unsure:

I'm bringing a small cooler with goods for my kitchen as well, made up some fresh pasta sauce in jars too!

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I'm bringing a small cooler with goods for my kitchen as well, made up some fresh pasta sauce in jars too!

hahaha... you too? mom made pasta sauce to feed an army. LOL. But we brought up our whole kitchen... I'm heading out today, in a few minutes... SEE Y'ALL THERE!!! ;)

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Ha... I'm already here, working on the lap top at our breakfast bar.

Nice spread... I got a nice condo unit, with fireplace, separate bedroom, murphy bed (down out of wall) and full kitchen.

Add in a roam anywhere dial up account, and I'm rocking!

Ya'll can look forward to daily updates with no problem. ;)

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I'm glad, I'm not there.. glad I tell you! :blue-sleepy:

Cause I'm so tired from Lincoln City. My goodness what a fantastic time between the river and the bank.. not much "between" but that's where we were. And then the fantastic surprise of so many convention goers!! I wanted t o hug them all and bring them home with me.

We opted to go to the potluck that Gombergs held and we were so glad we did. Getting to visit with people who will be so busy at convention we won't get a visit in. The only sad news that I heard was that Betty Scott Spencer's other half is not attending and is battling cancer. I couldn't picture who she was, but then laying in bed wide awake.. when I put Scott in a black suit instead of a kite coat with patches on the back, and put him behind the wheel of our kite shuttle all week long, I belive I now who Betty is. She is a hard worker bee! I may not have the names right, but our prayers go out to her. I met a few supporters out there. Life just isn't fair sometimes.

Still it was a wonderful time, wonderful visits.. great fun flying in good winds, no winds, soft sands and even a little rain, I think. ;)

But I was so excited I couldn't sleep at all last night and I am tired I tell you! Tired!

Moon, woo hoo... did we have fun or what!!!!!

ok, I'm back on the road on Tues. Bringing my buggy incase I sneak up the beach for a few hours with friends.

See you all Wed. night! BB Penny

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