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Festival in the Fog

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Well Whidbey Islands Festival has come and gone again for another year, it's always my favorite festival, come to think of it, it was my very first festival and competition! This was the first year I'd seen the "Whidbey Fog" and almost no wind at times. (Note: White kites as pretty as they are against a blue sky....really suck in the fog!!) ;)

It was so weird as the fog seemed to hang right over the feild and yet a few hundred yards up or down the road it was clear! Maybe God was punishing us kiteflyers??? LOL! I don't think so some how! This year inspite of the fog was a great year there as both Deb and Jannie came to the Festival!! Just as an aside, I was flying the ZeroStar UL that I got from Deb and that is the only reason she and Steve found the feild!! That kite REALLY shows up in the fog...come to think of it...that's the only time you can look at it without sunglasses!!! :):w00t:

All in all the weekend was great...the Sun came out on the Sunday (finally!) and made for a great wrap up. At the end of the day on Sunday they always have this awesome raffle and most of the prizes are to die for...some...well some only a mother could love but the raffle is for all ages so this is to be expected I guess. Some of the major prizes this year included 3 CdC kites! One 2.3 STX, a 1.8 UL Stx and a 1.9!! There was also an E2 from Prism kites and a custom made Pizazz from Dick Barnes!! Kudo's to Dick and Linda Barnes for all the work they put into that festival!

As for me? I made out like a bandit :unsure: at the raffle! I won a roll of Texlon kite fabric, maybe not the greatest color but what the heck..it's piqued my interest in building kites!! I also put in for and won a new Rev Kite Bag from Revolution kites...but...they substituted it for a new Rev EXP. I guess I can't complain too loudly I have a 1.5 SLM that a friend crashed on me and tore the sail up pretty badly so I took the frame and bridle off of it and did an in home upgrade to the EXP! Now all I need is some wind to try it out!

One other feature that Whidbey has that is a huge hit is the Swap Tent...people can bring their kites there and sell them and the place is just hopping most of the day and let me tell you there were some awesome kites for sale there!! I saw a matched pair of Mamba's a Std and a Vented for sale, there were Gemini's, Outer Space's (one in red, white and Black that looked awesome!! Jan that kite had your name all OVER it!!) There were some classics there too... and a whole mess of Revs!! I snaffled up a Rev II but for the most part tried to stay away from that darn tent! As good as peoples intentions are you always seem to come away from that tent with a net zero in your kite bag! In other words...you came to sell some kites cuz you have too many and end up buying as many as you've sold!!

Anyway...I'm already making plans to return there again next year. It's a great festival flown on a nice grassy field and I hope to see more of you there in the years to come!! :)

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