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Hello all,

I just got permission to use my school gym durring 7th period (my class off) to practice flying. :D The gyms are used after by chearleading and vollyball practice. So i've been practicing flying my 1.5 with an ul leading edge. I do ok but I was wondering how to do reverse flight. I just can't seem to keep the kite stable. I'm using outdoor exteded handles and ten foot lines.

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As your moving forward say 360 your body is moving to the left and the kite is moving to the left. 1st- Move *your body 3 steps to the right, then push reverse on your kite to back it up. If it starts to come down, pull back a touch towards your ear with the top handle. That would give it lift. Probably not necessary at this point, but good to know if needed.

If your not getting your reverse, push on your thumbs harder. :ninja: Just remember your bigger then the kite. B) Be more agressive to make it do the moves you want it to.

Enjoy! ^_^

<_< I'd love to fly for an hour everyday.

We'll see you in the gym. :pinch:



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