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Thanks for the cleaning tip Walt. I think I'll give my holsters a bath as well, then everything will be looking sharp for KP.

Website looks sharp on my Android smartphone, and worked without any hitches.

Any chance there's a mini Davis marble stake available? I would get one for sure.

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So what did y'all use in the olden days? I have a green and white marble and can't imagine setting up without them...thanks Walt, glad you had a great idea......and did it!


..Walt ..Walt...Walt..Walt

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Hey All!

JB let me know I needed to stop by. Kiting history, funny.

Use a metal polish like silver/brass polish, that will brighten up your handles and stakes.

I had the chance for some one on one with my webmaster, and learned a bunch about making a website. I am COMPLETLY redoing it, and it is almost done. I am missing good stock photos of some of my products, and I have a bit more content to add, but you will see I have expanded my line up by a little bit.

But how about a sneak peek for my fellow KiteLife members?



Say what you want, Walt, your stakes have become part of kiting now. Well done.

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I want one like the one in your pic.. Would look good with my B-Pro's..

Contact Walt. He's always getting new marbles in. It is the ultimate in kite bling to have one of his stakes.

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On 9/8/2008 at 7:06 PM, LS Kite Stakes said:

Had a light bulb go off in my head the other day, and followed the thought through with action. I made a kite stake with a large 42mm marble, after machining a polished aluminum "cup" to epoxy it onto. I pressed a 12 inch 1/4" metal rod into the bottom of the cup. Here is pictures of the result:



I can make more of these, and have all kinds of colors and styles available with the marbles. The one pictured has a plain steel rod, but I intend to make future stakes with polished stainless rods. This stake is made with a machine made glass marble, I can get handmade marbles as well, but will cost more. Cost is $25 USD, including USPS Priority shipping to CONUS. I need time to get the matierials, so it will take me about two weeks to have some ready. I have a small home shop and would like to make a little extra $$ to support my kiting habit! If anyone wants one let me know, I would also love to make a business arrangement with any of the kite shops if they are interested as well. I can easily make a dozen or so a week, no two will be the same!


Comments, suggestions?

I'm very interested in purchasing one of your stakes.

Tried to get on line at kitestakes.com but it said to come back later. Any suggestions to getting an order in?

Vern Balodis 

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Eat the steak, use what's left as a stake.



Seriously, though, I believe Walt is not making stakes at this time. Maybe in the future. In the meantime, you can buy a 30 - 42mm marble and some 5-minute epoxy on eBay. You can have any machine shop make the rest for you for about $40. Just be very specific on dimensions. You can't return it if you don't like it. There are several u-Tube videos that will show you exactly how to make a sheath for it using braided rope.

Maybe you can start making them for us!

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