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Sad news... Scott Spencer!


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I just received the following message from Paul LaMasters, who received word from David Gomberg, regarding Scott Spencer!


I’m saddened to report that Scott Spencer passed away in his sleep last night. Not a lot of other details are yet known.

If you are not familiar with Scott’s many contributions, here are some excerpts from his recent nomination for the Edeiken Award.

A great guy – we’ll miss him and his enthusiasm.

David Gomberg

Kiting History:

Scott has been involved in Kiting most of his life and seriously got involved in our beloved hobby in 1979. He was given his first real kite then and decided that he could make it bigger. From that first little Dragon Kite he started sewing his own kites. Scott has been to 24 of the 30 AKA Conventions and considers himself the youngest oldster of the AKA, at the young age of 49.

Scott has given, and been invited to teach at countless workshops. He has taught classes at the Oregon Kitemakers Retreat, Maryland Kitemakers Retreat, Midwest Area Kitemakers Retreat, Junction, and Fort Worden. He has also been a driving force in most of the South Jersey Kite Flyers (SJKF) workshops and has served as SJKF workshop coordinator. The workshops he has given to SJKF and other local clubs are countless. Scott has designed and flown single line, sport, and fighter kites.

Scott has been an ambassador of kiting, traveling to India, Columbia, and England chasing the wind. He has also been invited to festivals throughout the United States.

Leadership Examples:

Scott is one of the backbones of SJKF and the AKA, working behind the scenes with both. Scott has served as Regional Director, AKA Treasurer, and twice as Workshop Coordinator for AKA Conventions. Scott has also been unofficially on the Election Committee of the AKA, counting ballots when help was needed.

Scott has served as SJKF President, Vice-President and Director at Large. Scott is one of the founding members of SJKF and helped set the foundation of that club in the early stages. He is also a guiding force in the operations of SJKF. Scott puts in countless hours behind the scenes of both of these organizations. If you need a hand, Scott is there to help.

Interpersonal Qualities:

Scott has met and made many friends throughout the kiting community, not just locally, but through his travels nationally and internationally. While out on the kite field, it is not unusual to see Scott drop what he is doing to help someone with their kite. We consider Scott a personal friend who has helped us through many hard times and is always there to bounce an idea off of.


Scott has written several articles for Kiting and for WindWriters, the SJKF newsletter. He has been interviewed and photographed by various local newspapers in the Philadelphia/ South Jersey area. Scott has worked hard to spread the joy of kiting to kids of all ages and to extol the advantages of being a member of the AKA

Educational Activities:

Scott gave Erin Edeiken her first real sport kite lesson at the AKA Convention in Iowa, then turned the duties over to Lee Sedgwick. Scott, as noted above, has given many kitemaking workshops, often coming up with new, innovative and exciting designs. He has also given many workshops at the AKA Conventions, most notably the make and take AKA table banners that many of us have had the pleasure of displaying on our desks. Scoot also has done many Library Displays, not only for National Kite Month.

Scott presented the second ever online kite making workshop and has contributed many tutorials on the Kite Builders Forum, sharing many of the details if kite making to the world.


Scott has awards from many of the kite making competitions that he has entered. He believes that he may have more AKA kite making awards than anyone. Scott has made and perfected the Facet Kite into a simple design almost anyone can make. He originated the Transition Tail and a unique graphic technique that weaves the material to create a complex graphic, but it is easy to do. The kites using this technique are outstanding. He has made so many artistic kites that I cannot remember them all. He also designed the SJKF Mother Banner and Personal Banners

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wow that sucks!!! thoughts and paryers to his friends and family

So sad. Marla had just mentioned to us that he was going to be gone soon. Our condolences to his family. I'll cherish my serenity garden that he made even more and will thinik of him often.

BB Penny

wen and i had the luck to attend his workshop for the newbies at AKA (orientation).

He warmed us up really well and set us up for the right mentality to enjoy the big event

---- really made people comfortable to be there. His presence and items that he brought to share

spell out his passion and we were happy to have met him and touched by his kindness and compassion.

his spirit is passed on even his body is passed away.

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