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Aghhaaa come on guy s and girls.

Ok have i posted in the wrong section

Little more info on me,

I have a quantum fire which got me hooked on flying, which i love and adore flying in light winds as it `s more graceful and elegant so i thought i would try a light wind kite came accross a 3D and thought i`d give it a go.

I know from looking now it`s no sweety or a wren, but it`s a start for me.

Any advice would be gratefully apprecieated (is it i before e should have paid attension in english lessons)

Many thanx Simon

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Hi Simon, I'm not really well versed in the 3D, but I do have a little bit of time on one...

It is definitely designed for lighter winds (and indoor use), see Prism's page on the kite below.


Being a smaller kite, inputs will also be a bit smaller, and it tends to be a smooth flier, as opposed to more aggressive kites... Fades and similar tricks should be fairly easy, but it isn't likely to work well for advanced tricks like Jacobs Ladders, Yo Yos, etc.

There's a start, I'm sure someone else on the forum has one and will comment soon. :throb:

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i have both old and new 3d kites .. that one you have is an earlier model from 97 to 2000 in 03 the redesigned it to the newer style .. like john b said it is an indoor light wind kite .. great to fly with short lines and light movments .. dont be aggresive with this one as it can break really eazy.. i do like these kites alote for the light days from 0 to 4 mph winds best.. the only downside to these kites are the rebberbands to hold the standoffs in place .. keep a few spares handy as they will break in time .. i use my wifes hair ties .. they are much stronger

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I never knew what the rubber bands were for. The ones on the 3D belonging to my friend, that I fly frequently, have been broken, missing, or just pushed up the stand-off. I can't see what purpose they serve or served before they failed. The little sleeves near the ends of the stand-off seem to be firmly in place, keeping the end of the stand-off in place in its hole in the sail seam. The only trouble in this area I've had is with that end coming out of its hole. Finding the hole in the wind and blowing sand can be tedious. I've solved that problem by permanently securing the stand-off to the sail seam with a drop of Duco cement. For folding the kite, leave the stand-offs attached to the sail and detach them at the spreader. The problem apparently has been totally solved with the 4D.


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That was what the rubber bands were for - keeping the stand offs in place on the sail's trailing edge!! Wouldn't the drop of cement keep them from being moved from hole to hole?? That was one of the selling points of the kite, that you could tailor the sail's shape to the wind and your flying style by moving the stand offs to different positions!! I, myself, agree with your solution, I've used the same position for my stand offs for years!!

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Congrats on the new kite! The 3D was my first indoor kite as well. :)

Now, the way I did it (which in retrospect might not have been the best thing) was to glue the rubberband together in the 'inner' side of the standoffs so that I could still switch it around, but it wouldn't fall off.

The downside is that superglue will make the rubberband deteriorate faster, and when it snaps, one end is glued to the spar.

Perhaps a softer glue?

Also, you'll probably want to put a drop of superglue on the back end of the standoffs, where they poke through the sail.

This may help prevent splintering and give a little traction on slippery ground indoors, though a small endcap would be better for the latter.

Good luck and have fun!

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