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Penny Lingenfelter

Litsong's B-day

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Happy B-day Litsong, Hope it was a great day and this year is as good to you as the last. BB Penny

dear Penny:

part of the wonders of being here and now,

is that i get to meet people like you on the forum, (asking about indoor kiting )

then get to meet you in person,

watch you on video clips and watch people here learning your moves

in the event we host (iSPACE)

then watch you fly (join your show, yeah, fun memory to see Wen and Watty being your "thing 1 and thing 2")

now you are ever in my heart...

yeah, having a good collection (to say the least) of many wonderful people in my life.

that's one of the best of this life's journey.....

what i am saying--

it's about living fully and moving towards dreams, no matter where to start, just start....

yesterday we closed this year's iSPACE 04 with a lot of fun and great participation from all

the best gift i made for myself .... pave the road by walking.

journey on.

love to all.



did wake up to a gentle "happy birthday greeting" and got a message invitation for coffee from best friends

life has been good to me and i deeply appreciate all that had been.

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Happy Birthday my friend. It was great to meet you in person this summer. I hope our paths will cross again soon.

Say hi to Wen for Mary and me.


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Happy Birthday my friend. It was great to meet you in person this summer. I hope our paths will cross again soon.

Say hi to Wen for Mary and me.


dear John :

i am sure we will fly with you @your corner of the globe---yeah, it's on my to-do list

and mostly the list is a magic making agenda, will cast the spell eventually.

for those who wish to see the wonderful me, send your invite, i love to journey through life

and (have kites will travel), it just take time to turn the truth into reality....

but true heart never fails.

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Hope you had/have a wonderfully happy and healthy birthday and many more with all the good things life has to offer.

I had a great time flying with both you and Wen at Liberty State Park this past summer and look forward to doing it again very soon.

Warm regards to Wen.

Be well stay safe and again, Happy birthday!!!!!

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i want to make a request here..... my humble wish for those who are willing to help me.

as i started hosting iSPACE, i realize one thing:

flying, is the magic of the heart.

when you have a will, you can fly anyhow.

during my first year of indoor flying (since Jan 2008)

i started dreaming a project... bringing kite art to the hospital, nursing home --- for the patience and people who can use a spark to bring back their smile and lift their spirit and who can't come to our flying field.

During our first year of being an organizer, we spent a lot of time journeying through events

(for those who met us in any place that is not in Taiwan, you know what i mean)

one thing touch me the most is to see people from all walk ways of life holding out their heart by a string/or two or 4, or more) ......

i met people who move on wheels instead of feet, i met people who use harness instead of fingers, i met people walked with aids and their flying spirt .... i met grandparents who are inspirational to all with young hearts /and legs and arms...

i met all kind of wonderful flyers ... i remember their air are bright and fresh... regardless of their physical condition.....

i met people who plan his truck driving route to meet the event (i so wish i had talked to that person when i was in AKA... but i did not know his story until he was gone... i did watch him though, with amazement). I met people who fly a kite in every country she travels (last time i saw her, there are 65 countries on her vest!) and drive very very far for very very long to make it to an event. I met people who could easily say that they are too XXX to fly but fly more then you can imagine. the spirit is strong and i love seeing that!

(too XXX, or not YYY enough... are for those who doesn't want to do it)

among all, i heard from john an unforgettable story about a blind/deaf kid on wheelchair flying a kite with music! John, if you are reading this post, please send me the story...

all these insights bring me to a new wish i want to make it a gift that i share with others.

i want to make a film/slide show (snap shots and video clips, and stories and statement/narrations)

on who enjoy flying...... how people overcome all challenges to fly and fly.

then i want to bring the film to places, as a icebreaking piece then melt the ice away with demo and help people see the light side.

if you have read my rambling so far and have a thought to share with me, please do.

if you have a picture and story to pass on, please send them to me


If you can make some footage of light hearted flying in all conditions

extreme weather, sitting on awkward position, when you are sick or injured....

the theme is taking it is as it is, facing challenges and bring out the light of life by


or, i sure would love some clips on "pure fun" no matter what.

i am no film maker yet but am a dreamer to the bone, and am a stubborn but kind witch.

i want to do this, and welcome all input for coming along with me and wen on this journey

that we don't know where it leads to, except the heart of our hearts.

love, to all that flies in good time and not so great time....


for those who chip in to help me, i will give a gift as my thank you (choices here include but not limited to

my seeds of light (beeswax candles), massage, singing, cooking or whatever suits you that i can offer)

we are making the iSPACE website and will keep you posted on my project.

ps: iSPACE : insight, imagination, inspiration

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Your just digging for a birthday wish tomorrow Ant.

Let me get mine in a bit early.

Have a fandabidosie day mate.

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Dearest Litsong,

A Very Happy Birthday to you!!!

With all the time you have spent flying.......I wonder how has your knitting progressed??? :lol::lol: He he he :w00t::lol:

Hope you had a wonderful day!



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ah, i miss you too.

still wonder how you are so full of energy!

i am mellow and slow now.....

could be aging, could be hibernation season coming.

@ T:

ah, my knitting!

i had done well when i was back in RI, until i realized that i skipped a stitch and there was a loop hole after i was 5 rolls pass it.

so, it takes some days pretending not bother by it, keep knitting, and then it look still weird... wonder should i go back and redo ...

then, months later, talking to mom, she said yeah, you should take them off and fix it.

so i did,

disaster! it is easier pulling it off then getting back ! i did not remember how to go back and did so without a stick/needle holding the thing... so now i was totally shocked and frozen, until i find someone that i can show it to and have it fixed.

no worry, just hadn't gotten around to do that.

it's in the bag, staring at me everyday.

i was just thinking about having a go on that today.

i shall find someone nearby to rescue me soon, before i totally forget how to do it.

my talent is not in knitting, darn it.

ps: how's your backyard project coming along?

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