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Peter Lynn folding buggy

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The Peter Lynn Folding Buggy is a pretty neat buggy, I have used them in the past as well as sold a couple of them.

Stability - no problem, the buggy is every bit as stable as the normal Comp buggy when assembled correctly.

Performance - no problem here either, the buggy will perform as good as a Comp but may be a little more difficult to do freestyle moves with the slightly added weight. The buggy will rattle a little when cruising at good speeds. I feel the seat is actually a little more comfy than the Comp (not much more, but a little).

Price is comparable to the Comp buggy depending on where you purchase it from. The folding buggy is usually only slightly more than the Comp.

The buggy does fold down quickly and easily without the use of any tools and will fit nicely inside of a normal sedan sized trunk. If space is a huge concern then the folding buggy can be a good choice. If you can fit a normal buggy axle in your vehicle then I would suggest staying away from the folding buggy and going directly with the Comp XR. The Comp and the Comp XR buggies also compact down slightly without the use of any tools. Basically the rear axle will come apart from the side rails by disconnecting the straps running from the seat and sliding it away from the frame rails. This lets the Comp and XR models be nearly as compact as the folding buggy without all the extra pieces that come with the folding buggy. If you did have to break the buggy down to it's smallest form, two more bolts and the entire frame comes apart and will pack down to even smaller space than the folding buggy (with the exception of the axle which is usually the longest part).

The Comp XR is only slightly more than the Comp or the folding buggy but has larger diameter frame rails, larger diameter rear axle, frame rail pads and covers, deluxe seat (very deluxe compared to the comp or folding buggy) :P , stronger rear axle bolts, and better foot pegs. In my opinion, the upgraded seat alone is worth the extra money for the Comp XR over the other two.

The folding, comp, and comp XR are all excellent buggies that should last you for a long time. Hope this helps you out.

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a good buggy for the money and portable very stable and handles well

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