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RAFFLE: Original Masterpiece Prototype Revs *SOLD OUT*

John Barresi

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Keep em' coming Guys and Galls,

because there is nothing cuter than seeing John go all Squishy when she is around.

Its worth a ticket or three.

Will sign these for the winner......might be worth more without signing LOL.

It seems a long time ago that I made these.

I was just getting to know John and Ben back then.

Had to keep my eye on them HAHAHAHA.

Now they are the biggest part in my life....whoda thunk!

And thats what its about,

Please help John and TK make their dreams come true.

Bazzer :D^_^

Baz ~ I'd love the signatures!


It's great to see John's commitment to such a wonderful gal ~ Now, with the giving of these kites he's also adding us to the commitment... Just shows we're here to help insure all goes well!

John and TKO ~ I trust your time together, in the next weeks, will be magical! It's truly a warm (and fuzzy) feeling, playing a little part in your union!

Have fun (with a hunk-a love on the side!)

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Just so the winner is prepared, it dawns on me...

If you want Bazzer to sign these (which I would), you should know I won't see him again until May 14th in Michigan.

So simply said, I can ship before I go to Japan (if all the tickets are sold by then), but we'll need to wait until I see Bazzer.

Of course, if the winner is going to MIKE in Ocean City, Bazzer will be there and can sign them in person. ^_^

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No good, I have just GOT to go to bed. My eyes are closing down on me.

You just know I wont get a wink of sleep though.

Oh well best of luck all. Will offer my congratulations in the morning.

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Someone with a very lucky number... First one on this list:


It's tough on this end, pushing that random button and picking only one winner...

While it's great fun to pull a name, it sucks knowing everyone else on the list and not drawing their name as well.

But in the words of the Highlander, there can be only one... Hearty congratulations and ribbing are in order! :blue-sleepy:


As always, the outpouring of support from all of you is heartwarming to say the very least.

You have my gratitude, my thanks, and my friendship, with or without raffle tickets.

We fly, we live... Much love to you all. :sign_kitelife:

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I have that ticket! :blue-sleepy::ani_yahoo:

Excuse me as I pick my entire body off of the floor...1.gif

I am going to have so much fun flying these at Kitehenge, and better yet, Bazzer lives close by, I can visit him and get the signatures right where they were made.

I am not going to believe this is real until they are sitting on the front porch...........

Thank You John! :sign_kitelife:

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