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RAFFLE: Original Masterpiece Prototype Revs *SOLD OUT*

John Barresi

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Congratulations Walt!,

Commiserations to everyone else.

But a huge thank you to everyone of you for making it a little esaier for Mr and the future Mrs B to be together.

Well done everyone, what a great family we are all part of.

Now then,...back to flying

Bazzer :sign_kitelife:

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Already boxed up, should go out via Priority Mail tomorrow... Ideally, they'll arrive on Monday.

2 wrap frame in the full sail, 3 wrap in the vented, my suggested frames for these two.

Anything over the wind ranges of those, you're better off on a 1.5 anyway. :sign_kitelife:

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I make all the kite stakes I could need.........

However, I am going to need a set of 15 inch handles. Good thing I just started another batch of Pro Handles for Revolution, I am going to make me a set for these RevI Bazzer Eyes.

I look forward to seeing you again TK. I was more than willing to help out with the expenses to see John eyes when he looks upon you with so much love and adoration.

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Well done Walt.

I just find it hard to believe JB posted at exactly the same time as the post I put up about going to bed. What are the chances of that?

I posted then switched off. So I have had a restless night for nothing.

Oh well.

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