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:devil: Okay folks this is a question for the guys as well as the gals, I am currently building a mermaid kite, on the kite there is a certain amount of breast that is showing on both sides, most of the breasts are covered with hair, the question is ... how much nipple should be shown? some ... none ... or just enough? :devil:
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Awww come on Rick, you have such a vivid imagination you could put her in a potato sack and still get turned on. :devil:

Keep in mind, kiteflying is a family event. Cleveage is good ~ color won't win the judges over. :devil:

What's wrong with a few strategically placed shells... so then if the wind blows her hair.. surprise! You see nothing! Poor Rick.

(Oh, the comments I won't make) <_<



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To True.. :)

Wouldn't that go for music too? Because thatis something else that needs to be monitored..for the masses.

A must do. but censorship...

So should art be censored in kites?

Should music? ( I vote yes, after flying in a demo field to "I want to be your boy toy".... ;) That must have been the name of it, they were just about the only words.. playing over and over again)

Should we have some polls?



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:wacko: Well..................... there is sooooooo much that can be said. But kiting as a whole is trying to represent what? :pinch:

From a Kitefliers perspective = expression / art / freedom / sharing / creativity / "devil made me do it" / "A Spiritual uplifting" / Things I cant do at home? / competition / "another opportunity to get drunk!" / a challenge / Family activity / SPORT / Vacation / Social event / Business opportunity / a sense of pride-accomplisment /opportunity to show-off / and the list goes on and on. :)

From a spectators perspective = WOW! / non-offensive fun / bring the family / education / a Circus / a Party / Vacation / Wanna Be just like you / A Spritual uplifting / Best music in town / Social activity / A relaxing time / WOW! / I dont care where they came from just look at that / A shopping spree / Religious experience / Look at the age of those kids! / I never flew kites like that! / Impressed by the skills of Kitefliers-builders / Laughter / an escape / and more. :pinch:

So, what you have is two sides to this sport, and you have to ask yourself where is your direction in this.... to please yourself and fellow Kitefliers OR to please spectators cause you want them to enjoy this sport as much as you do. RESULT is if the later, you don't do anything that could offend them.( so if it has the chance to offend -Don't Do It!).

As a past/retired (20years) DJ/MCEE/Announcer, I have found that the Kitefliers/builders REALLY want the attention they get from the spectators and Kitefliers are Motivated to do more when the strokes/Cudo's are recipicated from showing their skills/treasure chests. HEY EVERYBODY.....DO HAVE FUN! :D

Rick, put your tounge back in your mouth.. I'm sure she's taken.

Leetle Ant......your begining to look like a Lizard! :)


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