FLEXfoil Stacks + Rev Teal Flying by the FlyingSquad plus an nice home made Quad...

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Here are my last videos from my videoblog about kites

and the High Definition movies downloadble :



3 Flexfoil stacks flying together - a ballet by the French team Impossible at the Berck festival, April 2009 :


Revolution kites, The last ballet from The FlyingSquad team

The great FlyingSquad, an amazing Revolution kite team from UK (17 members) flying their “Chicken Run” ballet for the very first time at the Berck festival in April 2009. The leader and ballet writer is Stephen Hoath, flying with Steve, Helen and Gary.


Here is a great quad kite made 8 times by the belgium kite maker and flyer Georges Engerbert. It takes 20 hours to make one kite ! Filmed at the Berck festival in april 2009

See You


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great, Alex!

thanks for posting

i have always admiring power kiters (and want to fly the fexfoil)

and now this video

set the high standard (as for how much more muscles i need to train)

never stop dreaming.

and the "chicken run", great show as always by FS.

thank you.

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