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What is your favorite dual line kite right now?

John Barresi

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Just checking in with y'all to see what's hot and what's not. ;)

Right now, I'm mainly flying these three dual lines:


  • Exile by Blue Moon Kites
    Mid-size kite, great balance between trick and precision, excellent all-arounder.

  • Jump by Level One
    Small kite, very durable, quick with excellent trick/precision ability if given small inputs, wide wind range.

  • Shiva by Cavalier du Ciel (no longer made)
    Full size, deep sail, outstanding precision and low wind performance, minimal trick ability.


Bonus points for those who post YouTube (or similar) videos of the kites you list.

Looking forward to seeing what y'all are enjoying, and why! :D

REMEMBER: Videos are examples only, viewers should take into account varying skill levels and understanding of the kite being displayed... Word of mouth is 2nd best, hands on testing is the most reliable.

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Still being amazed with my Skyburner Widow Maker std. and UL. I recently had the chance to fly the new Infinity from HQ and I find myself looking forward to pulling this new beauty out of my A Bag. Very nice kite indeed.


?????????? Now I am not sure what happened, but I did NOT include the links to the video's above in my original post. The WidowMaker Video is awesome but I don't want anyone to think or get the impression that it is me that is in the video. I have been reprimanded before for pointing to a video of someone else's without permission and don't want the owner(s) of the video's above to get after me for using them as I wasn't the one that posted them up here. I don't know how they ended up on my post - John, can you see what happened? I didn't mentione the Level One Jump at all - although that too is an awesome little kite. Personally I like the larger wings myself. Now the picture of the Infinity is my kite - taken by John Chilese and used with his permission. ;)

**edited to include the above comment - don't want to offend anyone. :D


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This List alone could be a SUPER long list :D Although this day and age it seems that the ALL mighty dollar is one of the biggest factors. Fallowed by the Newest members to what we do. Then cost of maintenance over all if one should break something if that said kite is NOT durable enough, ;) OUCH!~!

My first choice would be for Any beginner who wants to start learning to trick anything as a "Instructor," would be the ADDICTION by Premier. All .0157 solid carbon rods, except for the lower spreader. A Great medium handed kite that tricks well with very decent flight characteristics right out of the bag including a Trim system for different wind conditions. ( see my write up on this sight )

(no Addiction info on Premier web site)

Second choice and there are Video clips all over already would be the new E 3 by Prism, or the Maastro by HQ Both are GREAT kites in the Larger range and do a good job in teaching a Much more finessed and processioned tricking. They Both will make your timing much better, as well as Increase your understanding of the wind and SLACK line flying within a WIDE range of ways. Broadening your knowledge in many different ways and teaching you that each trick is going to react differently with different kites.



My third kites at the top of the lists are my Prism Elixers (discontinued) and my Quantum Pros or my Gemini by the Benson boys and girls.



So there you have it. ALthoe I have a GREAT many other that I LOVE flying when the conditions are Ideal. Yet when the winds are not these are the wind kites that get the most use when It is CRANKING and I am still tricking away when most are no longer even flying at 20 Plus MPH :devil:

Lets go get em and keep teaching others what WE ALL LOVE and ENJOY ever so Much!~!

Fast EDDY See you all at Berkley :P

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Favorite - I will probably die if my HQ Gallego ever expires. This kite anticipates everything I want it to do, in the realm of ballet.

Also much loved - Premier Nighthawk and Addiction.

The Addiction taught me how to break spars (and replace them). There is no safety release on the spine, so an untimely wind gust and slow correction response can shatter the spine on a nose dive into either earth or sand. Really, tho, a great fun flier for the price.

The Nighthawk is helping me learn slack line. It's a lot more forgiving than I am. Nicer looking too.

My Silver Foxes are still enjoyable - but they seem slow compared to the others. They may have the best precision of the trickable kites.

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All time favorite: TrickTail. I only fly it in almost non-existing winds and it always makes me smile. Only kite (I) can slide all the way through the wind window, axel and slide back

This one may be almost unknown in the US: The NRG. Heavy in pull, very slow (and loud) and precise but capable of all the tricks



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