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Hello and a Huge THANK YOU to John for this Landmark site for Kiting. I am part of the Foothills Kite Club here in Denver. I took over the subscription payments to http://Meetup.com to keep the Rocky Mountain Kiteboarding Association alive, as the founder let it go. I also created a Yahoo Group of the same name link is;


Please Join us, to promote Kiteboarding, and ALL other forms of Kite Flying, as I am attempting to merge snow Kiters and water Kiters into Rev's, Stunt, Fighters, and SingleLine.

All Kiters have the opportunity now to bring Kites into the 21st Century. Us Kiters always knew the power of the "PULL"

which all these Surf and Snowboard Dudes and Chicks are discovering, and getting the KITE BUG that us AKA or otherwise Die Hard Kiters have had all along. Please email me robin@boulderjunk.com with any suggestions to help me with this endeavor. I have not flown kiteboarding, but plan to! THIS IS EXCITING! to see the rapid growth in a Sport that is only possible by the use of a KITE!


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